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The Best Red Running Shoes of 2018-2019 for All Budgets

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Choosing the best red running shoes depends on many factors, but mostly it depends on…. you. For instance, what is the shape of your foot, your stride length and where is your foot strike? Do you train on the road or on trails? Do you run once in a while around the block or are you a road racer who logs in 50 miles a week?

Whether you’re an experienced and competitive runner or a novice and just wearing red to add a pop of color to your running attire or to show support for the National Heart Institute, the right red running shoe can make the difference between a great run or a lousy run.

The wrong shoe can make running miserable and cause problems such as long term damage to your feet, hips and knees but running with the right shoe will cause less wear and tear on your body and with a comfortable shoe, increase your running capability.

The Three Major Categories in Running Shoes:

Road-running Shoes

Road-running shoes are specifically designed for the pavement. They are light and flexible and are designed to move quickly and easily over smooth pavement. They are made to stabilize and cushion the foot during the repetitive strides on the hard surface and are typically made of lightweight material for breathability. The tread of the road shoe is thin as the need for traction is minimal.

Characteristics to look for when purchasing red road-running shoes:

  • Fit (it should fit like a sock but not feel too tight)
  • Breathability (ability to dissipate sweat quickly and cool the foot)
  • Weight (the lighter the better)
  • Cushioning (enough to absorb impact)
  • Flexibility (the front should bend enough so the runner can push off)

Trail-running Shoes

Trail-running shoes are designed for rugged, rocky terrain. They have aggressive tread and are lower to the ground for solid traction, stability and support for the off-road routes that are loaded with rocks, roots, mud and other obstacles. Cushioning is not as important on trail-running shoes since the running takes place on softer surfaces. They are made of thicker materials making them heavier and sturdier than road-running shoes.

Characteristics to look for when purchasing red trail-running shoes:

  • Fit
  • Waterproof membranes (to protect the feet from the cold and wet and allow sweat vapor to escape)
  • Shock absorption (needed especially for longer runs)

Cross-training Shoes

Considered the hybrid of several different shoes, cross-training shoes are designed to play several different roles. They are the most versatile all-purpose athletic shoe of the three. They can be used in the gym for various activities such as weight training, the elliptical machine, treadmill, and even Zumba classes. They are especially good for those who have a very active lifestyle.

Characteristics to look for when purchasing red cross-training shoes:

  • Fit (the heel should fit tightly; your heel should not slip when you walk)
  • Traction (typically better to prevent falling in class or slipping on the treadmill)
  • Breathable
  • Support (you should feel support around the toes and ankles)

Selecting the best red running shoe can be an unnerving event. You will be spending a lot of time in them so you want something that is comfortable and that you really like.

As a result of the demand in variety of athletic shoes, shoe companies have developed all types of shoes to accommodate a runner’s needs. The options available at your local athletic store can be very overwhelming.

We have put together a list of the best red running shoes of 2018 and 2019 to help you navigate your way to the right shoe for your needs.

Best Red Running Shoes #1:Red ASICS Men’s Gel Nimbus 18 Running Shoe

A superiorly cushioned, lightweight shoe for the runner looking for performance in training and long-distance competition. With light weight construction and plenty of shock absorption these shoes are designed with an attractive synthetic fabric on top that allows for a multi-directional stretch. The sole of this shoe has rear and front cushioning that work together to allow easy movement. With the use of seamless construction, there is a reduction in the potential for friction and irritation.

Color: Racing Red with black and silver.

Pros: Breathable and good traction

Cons: Narrow toe


Best Red Running Shoes #2:Red ASICS Men’s GEL-Kayano 22 Running Shoe

A high-performance shoe that is suitable for not only the professional runner, but the novice too. It is a very comfortable running shoe with a flexible upper, internal cushion, and ergonomic design that fits many types of feet well. A snug fit, yet not too tight, makes it perfect for long distance runs.

Color: Red Pepper/Black/Flash Yellow

Pros: Does not irritate feet or worsen any medical problems and is comfortable

Cons: Few support features to prevent over pronation


Best Red Running Shoes #3:Red Salomon Men’s Speedcross 3 and 4 Trail Running Shoe

An everyday, every surface trail runner, Salomon shoes are known particularly for their high-quality trail running shoes and are a frequent choice for those who like to run on rougher trails. With several varieties of red running shoes to choose from, these comfortable shoes are durable and so well insulated that they will even be useful during the winter.

Colors: Red, Deep Red/Tomato Red/Black, Radiant Red/Light Grey/Granny Green

Pros: Great grip, substantial cushioning

Cons: The cushioning can tire feet on long runs


Best Red Running Shoes #4:Red Reebok Men’s R Crossfit Nano 5 Training Shoe

A lightweight training shoe that is designed to last and give the best experience during cross fit sessions. The shoes are very flexible and have a very precise anatomical design to provide a sock-like feel. The Reebok CrossFit 5.0 also is known to be one of the most popular and stylish shoes.

Colors: Laser Red/Excellent Red/Steel/Shark/Black/Motor Red, Americana/Collegiate Navy/Excellent Red/White/Pewter, Black/Motor Red/Shark/White

Pros: Breathability, stylish, designed to last

Cons: Wide toebox


Best Red Running Shoes #5:Red Nike Men’s Free Rn

You have the experience of barefoot running since the foot is allowed to flex naturally with the ground topography. The Nike Free RN is a minimalist shoe that lets you feel like you’re barefoot when running over hard surfaces. This shoe is all about handling higher mileage as it is lightweight, breathable, flexible and has good traction. It has a breathable mesh bootie upper that uses Flywire cables to create a secure, locked-down fit.

Colors: Unvrsty Red/Black-Ttl Crmsn-Wht, Total Crimson/Black/Gym Red/White

Pros: Highly natural, breathable, great style, cushioning, slipper like fit

Cons: Loose lacing system, small toe box



It can become quite overwhelming when searching for the perfect red running shoe for your style and needs.

Choosing the right red running shoe boils down to you. Your body is a very good judge of how you feel when you run and move. Comfort is what matters. So, pay attention to what your body is telling you when it comes to choosing what is best for you.

Whether your workout includes long distance road-running, trail-running or if you perform a number of sport or exercise types in your program, a decent pair of red running shoes is a must. Not only to avoid injuries that could derail your workout regimen, but to also enhance your performance.

Depending on your needs, the road-running shoes, trail-running shoes or cross-training shoes noted above are highlights of the best reviewed red running shoes on the market for 2018-2019.

The Best Red Running Shoes of 2018-2019 for All Budgets