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Top 10 All Black Running Shoes for Men and Women

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Buying a new pair of running shoes is an important commitment to your athletic equipment. In running, the only contact point between you and the road is your feet and having a good pair of shoes on hand is fundamental to your running posture and gait as well as minimizing the impact to your feet and joints from repetitive foot strike.

Before we look at what’s available, we put together this list of tips for you to consider in your selection before you hit the checkout.

What’s your fitness level?

What are your training for? Are you a social runner, an amateur or are you looking to train for your first marathon? Perhaps you are a seasoned long-distance competitor? Your experience and fitness level should give you an idea of what you need from a running shoe.

For first timers, decide whether you want a cushioned support for long distance or a minimalist feel for short distance training and structural imbalance rehabilitation.

Your running posture

Your posture and gait are a critical factor in choosing the right shoe. Your body’s structure is defined by your feet and knowing where your weaknesses are will help you in selecting the right shoe.

Do you need arch support? Do you have wide feet that require a bigger toe box? Is your gait neutral, overpronated or under pronated? Knowing these kinds of structural issues and how they affect your running is crucial to selecting the right shoe to enhance your running posture.

Your past injuries

Your past injuries will also determine what sort of shoe you should buy. Do you have any injuries to your spine, hips, knees or ankles? Are any of your ligaments suffering from stress or fatigue?

Minimalist style running shoes can help solve structural imbalances and deficiencies in your gait and posture while a shoe with plenty of cushioning can keep your joints supported and prevent pain from the impact of a run.

The shape of your feet

Your feet are unique. Width, length, and structure all play a role in determining the right shoe. If the balls of your feet are wide, then you may need a wide toe-box. If your feet have fallen arches, then you may need mid-sole support.

When trying on that shoe for the first time, make sure you give yourself a thumbnails distance between your big toe and the front of the shoe.

Adjustments are everything

It takes a while to break in a new pair of running shoes. During the first 500 to 1000kms, you should rotate your new shoes in with your current pairs to give your feet enough time to adjust to the feel of the new shoe and its characteristics. After around 500 to 1000km, you should have fully worn in the cushioning and support of the shoe and your feet will have adapted to them perfectly.

When it comes to looking stylish in both your training and your downtime, buying a pair of all black running shoes, is a great way to get both functionality and finesse from your athletic footwear.

We love all black running shoes as much as you do, they look great with a pair of jeans or running shorts and they are the practical solution that hides stains and dirt easily between cleaning.

Here are our top all black running shoes, there’s something for both men and women, black is back in style and if you don’t have an all-black pair, it’s time to add one of these top-quality pairs of shoes to your equipment quiver.

Black Running Shoes #1: Under Armour Chetco 2.0

This quality shoe is at home on the trails as it is on the road. Built for the cross-over lifestyle, the Chetco has great traction and feels very supportive. Under Armour stays true to their namesake and provide a protective toe cap in the design, with a wide toe box for added comfort on those trail runs.

It may be a bit pricey but when you consider the features against the price its actually really good value, with a supportive heel cradle and good arch stability, the Chetco even has a sock liner for added comfort. Under Amour do tend to run their sizes a bit to the small side, so consider that when ordering online.


Black Running Shoes #2: Nike FS Lite Run 3

One of the lightest shoes in the Nike range, the FS Lite run gives you good acceleration and great traction for road running. The ventilated mesh construction keeps your feet feeling fresh and well aerated.

With sideways lugs, rubber pods for added traction and flex grooves to give you excellent flexion, this super light shoe is a fantastic choice for indoor training as well as roadwork. The downside is that the shoes may not be very durable being the nature of the materials used to keep the weight down.


Black Running Shoes #3: Reebok Zigwild TR II

This is Reeboks premier cross training shoe and is great for track, field, and road running. With great cushioning and excellent support, the Zigwild II has a thicker sole to provide shock absorption from foot strike. A good shoe for those that prefer the soft, floating feel in a running shoe. Maximum comfort and good performance.

The Reebok Zigwild II is an ideal shoe for both running and walking with solid traction from the lugs on the exterior walls and sole that could even make it useful on trail runs. The ventilated material on the upper gives good airflow and the flex grooves on the sole allow impressive flexion.

The downside to the Zigwild II is its water-resistance and pricing. While the pros outweigh the cons, this might not be the best shoe for runners that frequent rainy or wet conditions. The toe box is also a bit narrow for those runners that have wider feet.


Black Running Shoes #4: Adidas Cloudfoam Race

The best part of the Addidas Cloudfoam Race design is its seamless construction that completely eliminates mid-sole irritation. The fantastic air ventilation from the lightweight upper material makes your feet feel like they are floating on a cloud, wicking away moisture and keeping you dry.

The shoe feels very lightweight, giving good acceleration and fantastic traction for both road and indoor surfaces. This shoe was not designed to be rugged and rough, so it’s best to keep it away from the trails.

The seamless construction extends into the wide toe box that gives great comfort and optimum control in a variety of conditions. The only drawback we found was the top eyelits that could become irritating over time.


Black Running Shoes #5: Asics GT 1000 4

This is a great all-around running shoe for both men and women. The overall feel of the show is very lightweight considering the level of cushioning and support in the sole. With good mid-arc support and a gel-cushioned sole and inner gel linings, the Asics GT1000 4 is a great show for cross-over purposed running.

It’s as home on the trails as it is on the street and is designed for the runner that values comfort and extra cushioning on the foot strike. The gel support is snug while leaving a decent amount of room in the toe box to keep your foot comfortable in turns and jumps on a trail.

This shoe is definitely made for covering distance and lacks the acceleration available in other lightweight running shoes. It’s probably best to leave these at home of you are headed to the track for sprint training.


Black Running Shoes #6: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16

These shoes were built for the runner that values lots of support and cushioning in their running shoe. It absorbs shock from foot strike very efficiently with the extended crash pad. It has remarkable ventilation and high airflow around the toe box and sides

The sole has good traction and is best suited for crossover running, with re-enforced support on the sides and heel. Trails and the road will be a breeze for this shoe and the design coupled with durable materials means that is a shoe designed to take a lot of tough abuse.

Overall the shoe is comfortable but may run a bit narrow to the front, with not much room for fast maneuvers, which is an important factor in trail running. The laces on the top may also become irritating.


Black Running Shoes #7: ASICS Gel Venture 5

For good all-around traction, support and soft cushioning, the Asics Gel venture 5 is the ultimate trail running, or walking shoe for the runner that values comfort over feel. Made from a breathable mesh upper and a gel cushioned sole with gel lined internal supports, the Asics deliver superior comfort and function for the avid trail and long distance runner.

The sole is designed to be high and has good traction on a variety of surfaces and is best at home on the road when you want to put the extended miles in without your feet hurting from overloaded foot strike. It comes with a removable sock liner for added comfort and has extra width for those runners with flatter arches.


Black Running Shoes #8: Air Max 1 Ultra Flyknit

Nike has combined their ultimate air cushioning system pioneered in the Air Max 90, with a lightweight flyknit upper construction. The result is a running shoe that has unbelievable support and acceleration while giving fantastic traction control and performance.

The zonal ventilation pulls in the air where you need it, keeping your feet dry and fresh while the no-sew film gives a seamless feel to the internals of the shoe, removing irritation completely. Apart from their amazing feel and performance, in black, they really look out of this world, with sleek design and profile that makes them as stylish as they are functional.

Whether you are going to the track to train or the mall to shop, these running shoes are both a fashion statement and performance running equipment. The sole has the typical flex grooves providing great flexion, even with the large air bubble.

Used with a Flyknit-constructed upper for the first time, this seasonal upgrade of the Air Max 1 runner takes on a legendary look with a light-as-air feel. The design employs zonal ventilation and no-sew film overlays for a sleek, comfortable fit. Core features remain, from the Max Air unit in the heel, to flex grooves in the forefoot.


Black Running Shoes #9: Nike Air Max 2017

This is the shoe for 2018. Nike has done it again, releasing and iconic style that has been upgraded with modern performance features. Built for breathability and comfort, these shoes are something to behold and Nike has reinvented the book on styling with this model.

With enhanced traction and flexibility in the sole, coupled with top class comfort and support, we really can’t find anything bad about these shoes, other than the price tag,

If you can afford them, they will make for the best pair of running shoes you have ever owned and our top choice for black running shoe of the year. They look good on the track and just as good out on the town making them versatile and durable.

The IGS technology in the shoe supports the arches and the toe box provides just enough width to give your enhanced grip and performance in turns. The heel clutch system and midsole guidance line keep your foot positioned comfortably and securely,


Black Running Shoes #10: Asics Gel-Kayano 23 Women’s Running Shoe

Asics have developed they’re most advanced running shoe to date with the Kayano 23 for women. Designed for serious competitive female runners, this shoe has IGS technology to enhance running gait and a comfortable sock liner that wicks away moisture while the breathable mesh liner keeps the airflow coming on strong.

These shoes are made for distance and are incredibly lightweight while providing a deep level of cushioning and support from the gel sole and internal liners. With excellent sole and heel control and support, the FluidFit upper has good foot flexion properties and solid design making them durable.

A comfortable toe box and midsole guidance assist in controlling running gait. If you are a female competitor, these are the shoes for you.







Top 10 All Black Running Shoes for Men and Women