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Best Treadmill for Seniors

Best Treadmill for Seniors

With life expectancy ever growing, more and more attention is being paid to senior citizens, and the importance of maintaining good cardiovascular health and having a lower body fat percentage. Treadmills are an amazing way to achieve this, while staying in a safe environment. In this article, we will be looking at five treadmills to find the best treadmill for seniors.

Best Treadmill for Seniors

Senior citizens cover a huge range of ages, starting from 60 through to 120 years old. No other age range is as broad as this one. Because of this, it can be difficult to give advice to such a large group of people as if they are all the same. How much does a 60 year old have in common with a 102 year old when it comes to fitness levels and capabilities? Not much really.

Because of that, we are going to shorten the age range slightly, and instead we are going to recommend treadmills that will suit people in their 70s and 80s. Does that mean that the treadmill won’t suit a 90 year old? Not really, but the likelihood of a 90 year old needing a treadmill that allows gentle jogging or even running is very low. 

Of course, any treadmill that suits a 70 year old should suit a 60 year old too, so don’t click away from this article if you’re 65. But if you are very fit for your age, then you may find these treadmills a little underpowered for your needs. 

Because seniors in the age range we’re looking at are unlikely to be sprinting, or running for 90 minutes twice per day, the treadmills do not need to be particularly powerful. This means that we can look at treadmills that are lower priced and focus on other areas such as how cushioned they are, how easy it is to store them away if space is an issue, and how durable they are overall. 

There is no point in spending a fortune on a top of the range treadmill that offers top speeds of 12 mph if you are going to be using it to walk at 5 mph on a gentle incline!

In the table below, we are going to score each treadmill on value for money, durability, cushioning, and on how efficient they are when it comes to saving space (foldable after use, easily stored). Each score will be out of 5 with the total score out of 20. 

Best Treadmill for SeniorsValueDurabilityCushioningSpaceTotal
Caroma Electric Folding Treadmill444416/20 Check Price
LAKAGO Electric Treadmill533516/20 Check Price
NordicTrack T 6.5 Si Treadmill455418/20 Check Price
Sunny Health & Fitness Auto Incline Treadmill444416/20 Check Price
SereneLife Foldable Treadmill443415/20 Check Price

As you can see, all of the treadmills on this list have scored well, with the NordicTrack T 6.5 Si scoring marginally better than the rest. The five treadmills on this list represent vastly different price ranges and have many different capabilities. 

Below, we will take a look at each of the five treadmills individually so that you can decide for yourself which one is the right treadmill for you. 

Best Treadmill for Seniors #1: Caroma Electric Folding Treadmill

Usually, when we look at treadmills, we are concerned by their top speed, their motor, and the ability to run at speed on it comfortably. However, most seniors who use treadmills will use them for brisk walking, jogging, or at most a light run.

If you are not one of those seniors and you are looking for a treadmill you can perform hill sprints on then this is not the treadmill for you! However, if you are? You are really going to like the Caroma Electric folding treadmill.

The value for money is excellent, costing less than half the price of most home treadmills, yet it is still very durable. The motor is surprisingly powerful (3 HP), yet the top speed is only 9 mph. This is a bit surprising as a 3 HP motor would usually allow top speeds of 12 mph. But the benefit of the 9 mph max speed is the durability of the machine will increase substantially.

The treadmill uses a 4 zone cushioning system, which not only protects your joints, but also creates a very realistic running style, helping you to run as if you were on the pavement or on the grass. The max user capacity of 300 lbs is also very impressive. 

Another great aspect of this treadmill is how compact it is. 61.8 inches long by 27.5 inches wide. It can also fold up easily when not in use. With a soft drop system that helps you lower the treadmill back down when you want to use it.

Overall, this treadmill is a seriously good investment for seniors, and would probably suit most people aged between 16 and 59! 

Best Treadmill for Seniors #2: LAKAGO Electric Treadmill

This treadmill is perfect for seniors who have mobility issues and for seniors with very little space to fit a treadmill. The LAKAGO electric treadmill is designed solely for walking, with a top speed of just 3.7 mph! That is a brisk walk at best.

But there are several advantages, the price is ridiculously low, making it excellent value for money. Also, due to the flat pack design, it takes up almost zero space when not in use. Another excellent feature is that it requires no assembly or setting up once it has been delivered. 

You just take it out of the box and turn it on! No need to invite a helpful grandchild to come over and spend 4 hours building it! The belt itself is pretty decent, and provides all the cushioning that you would need while walking. 

We’ve scored it a 3/5 for cushioning, because it isn’t anything special, and would not be good enough for more powerful treadmills. But walking treadmills frankly don’t require that much shock absorption.

This is a gem of a treadmill for seniors, perfect for a good walking workout, and ideal if space is an issue in your home. Well worth the small investment.

Best Treadmill for Seniors #3: NordicTrack T 6.5 Si Treadmill

The inclusion of the NordicTrack T 6.5 Si treadmill is a bit of a controversial one. It is by far the best treadmill on this list, with top scores in durability and cushioning, but it is also the most expensive treadmill. 

If you are a senior who is at best going to be walking on an incline, then there are lower-priced treadmills on this list that will suit you better. However, if you are planning on running, or you want a treadmill with all the bells and whistles added (beautiful display screen, auto incline, powerful motor, and a slick design) then this treadmill is perfect.

While the NordicTrack treadmill is the most expensive, it is also superb value for money, and should last you a lifetime. An excellent warranty, a very durable construction, and top level cushioning. If you have the budget for it, this treadmill will suit most people down to the ground.

Best Treadmill for Seniors #4: Sunny Health & Fitness Auto Incline Treadmill

The Sunny Health & Fitness auto incline treadmill is similar to the NordicTrack treadmill in that it is more expensive than some seniors will really need it to be, but is still a superb treadmill. It is incredibly durable, has a good motor, and a great aesthetic, which is why it justifies its price tag, and why it scored 4 out of 5 for value for money.

We like the auto incline feature, which is great for seniors that prefer an incline walk to a flat one. The deck does a great job at shock absorption, though this may not be that important if you are only using it for walking or light jogging. 

It’s a great size, and can fold and unfold very easily, making it ideal for smaller homes. It should last you years if well maintained, and is very easy to transport if you need to move it between uses. A top speed of 11 mph is great, though most seniors won’t require speeds anywhere near that high. This is a great all round treadmill.

Best Treadmill for Seniors #5: SereneLife Foldable Treadmill

The final treadmill on our list is the SereneLife foldable treadmill, and it is a great product to end on. A medium price, this treadmill is surprisingly durable, comfortable, and has a good motor. It’s great if you want a treadmill that can last you a long time, and one that will respond well to long distance walks or runs. 

It has a hydraulic folding mechanism which is great for seniors who want to tidy the treadmill away after use, but don’t want to be pushing a heavy running deck up or down. The treadmill scores well for space saving thanks to this, and thanks to how little space it takes up when not in use.

This treadmill is a really good compromise between price and quality, and should keep you happy for years and years.