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Top All White Running Shoes Based on Function and Aesthetics

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For the few athletes who cannot help but be neat freaks, all white running shoes are what to go for! However, there is more to a shoe than just color and style; a running shoe best suited for a climber might not necessarily be suitable for a sprinter. There are different factors to be put to consideration before buying an all white running shoe. Keep in mind that white is never the color for camouflage, when the shoes start to succumb to wear and tear, it will most likely be exaggerated on an all white running shoe as compared to any other color.

Here are a few factors to consider before buying that new pair of kicks.

  1. How often do you run? – If you are that person who loves to keep fit, then getting a running shoe that has good inner cushioning will be the best for you.
  2. Get a half size bigger – Depending on the manufacturer, all white running shoes may be made a bit too tight or too rigid. Getting a size bigger is best and is a safe bet to avoid future injuries while running.
  3. Gender – Manufactures these days have become gender specific when it comes to running shoes. A wider toe box is best for men running shoes as men naturally have wider feet. Another reason is because men’s shoes come in larger sizes hence the sensitivity.

Below are some of the best recommended all running white shoes available in the market today.

White Running Shoes #1:Adidas Performance Women’s Duramo 8 W Running Shoe

The advantages are:

  • Breathable – They are made from a breathable mesh material that allows ventilation, thereby inhibiting any sweaty feet that may cause discomfort.
  • Inner padding – Have got great inner cushioning that gives a great feel to the wearer.
  • Support – They are not too rigid and one can easily move their feet in them without feeling smothered
  • Lightweight – not heavy, thereby making the feet comfortable and offers good blood circulation while running.
  • Durable – Made out of a long lasting material

The disadvantages for these shoes are:

  • Small sizes – They do not come in large sizes thereby making it a disadvantage to women with big feet.

These kicks are designed for women and hence look stylish and feminine. They have a soft sole making it suitable for long walks and runs.


White Running Shoes #2:Nike Men’s Air Max LTD 3 Running Shoe

The advantages are:

  • Breathable – They are made of a good material that allows good ventilation in the feet hence reducing any discomfort from sweaty feet.
  • Durable – They last for a very long time hence can be won for days on end
  • Lightweight – Have a general good feeling to the feet
  • Great Support – Do not feel too stiff when won or too lose either.
  • Removable sole cushioning – These make the wearer choose whether to adjust the inner feeling or not

The disadvantages are:

  • Narrow – They feel too narrow once won hence not suitable for wide feet.

These all white running shoes are best for both running and walking long distances. They are intended for men and come in large sizes.


White Running Shoes #3:Nike Women’s T-Lite XI Cross Trainer

The advantages are:

  • Comfortable – They have an inner cushioning that offers great support to the feet and a very good feel. Can be won all day not necessarily when running.
  • Breathable – Made out of a good material that allows the feet to breathe and keeps the feet dry.
  • Lightweight – Offers great support to the feet making it very suitable for long walks and runs
  • Durable – They not only last long but also maintain their shape for months and months to come.
  • Flexibility – It does not smother the feet offering room for movement in the shoe.

The disadvantages are:

  • Squeaky noises – The rubber sole tends to make a squeaky noise when walking but this entirely depends on the wearers walking style.

These all white running shoes are best for women; they are stylish and have a feminine look. They are suitable for long walks and climbing.


White Running Shoes #4:Asics-Mens-Gel-Lyte

The advantages are:

  • Great support – Offers a good general feel to the feet without feeling too rigid. Has good support that offers good blood circulation when walking or running.
  • Flexibility – Offers great flex grooves to the feet both when running and walking making it possible to carry out just about any outdoor activity in them.
  • Mid section Support – Holds the feet in place at the same time not making them rigid and giving the wearer much sort after comfort.
  • Durability – Can last for a very long time an do not succumb to wear and tear easily
  • Lightweight – Gives the feet a good feeling when worn making it suitable for long walks or wearing the whole day.

The disadvantages:

  • Not suitable for sprinters

These all white running shoes are designed for men; they gel well with any outfit and are also stylish and mighty comfortable.


White Running Shoes #5:Nike Mens Air Max Motion Running Shoes

The advantages are:

  • Durable – They do not wear out fast making it possible to be won for days on end.
  • Breathable – Are made out of a great material that allows ventilation and non sweaty feet.
  • Midsection cushioning – This gives the feet a good balance while running or walking.
  • Inner cushioning – It has got enough inner cushioning that offers a great feel to the feet as well as good blood circulation throughout the body while walking or running
  • Great Support – Offers great support to the feet and do not feel too rigid when won and enough room for the feet.
  • Wide toe box – It has enough space for the toe box thereby suitable for large feet

The disadvantages are:

  • Does not come in the usual sizes – It is always advisable to order a half size bigger than advertised.


These shoes are best for men who are fashionable; they are not only functional but also very attractive and can be won with just about anything.

The best bet for women is the Adidas Performance Women’s Duramo 8 W Running Shoe. This is because it is stylish, can be won for simply showing off or a very intense work out session. They are breathable hence reduces the discomfort of sweaty feet, have got a great mid section cushioning that enables good blood circulation while working out and above all they offer great support which keeps your balance in check whether running, walking, climbing or simply working out. These are not only fashionable but functional.

The best all white running shoes for the men are the Asics-Mens-Gel-Lyte. They not only offer a good balance to the feet but are also stylish and gel in with any outfit. These kicks are also comfortable, have a great cushioning that gives the feet a general feel and offers great support when working out. They are suitable for just about any outdoor activities and are flexible enough to accommodate any pressure or strain exerted on them during an intense work out.

Top All White Running Shoes Based on Function and Aesthetics