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5 Best Double Jogging Stroller Options of 2018-2019 for Fit Moms and Dads


Being an active, healthy parent is important for your child. However, what do you do with the kids when you want to dash out for a quick workout? Children need to be monitored at all times of the day and leaving them alone with no supervision is just not an option that you can consider.

Jogging Strollers for Multi-Taskers On The Go

Fortunately, jogging strollers allow you to take the kids with you on the roads or the trails. Jogging strollers are very different to traditional prams or strollers. Jogging strollers have enhanced suspension, large lightweight wheels with treaded tires, sturdy frames and plenty of handy accessories that make running with your kids effortless.

Be a Fit Mom or Dad!

Being a fit role model for your children is important to their development, set an example by taking them out on the road with you while they are still young and impressionable. It doesn’t matter if you are seasoned long distance runner training for your first marathon after having your first child, or a recreational jogger that enjoys getting out into the park for a run. A double jogging stroller will help you and your family have loads of fun on the road together.

Critical Features to Look for in a Double Jogging Stroller

Jogging strollers have been designed to absorb harsh impact from the road or trail surface and reducing the feedback and vibration to the frame and carriage. The steering and maneuverability of the stroller are far superior to that of a normal stroller or pram and gives you full control over the stroller at all times. There are a variety of manufacturers offering jogging strollers in a range of designs to suit all levels of runner. From serious marathon athletes to parents that just want to get out on the road for a Sunday afternoon stroll with the kids, there is a model to suit your exact needs. Here are the minimum features you should expect to find in a double jogging stroller. Personal preference will dictate your final choice, but you can be guided by these:
    • Front wheel swivel and wheel lock
The front wheels of your stroller should be able to be locked and unlocked, allowing the wheel to swivel. The swivel will make maneuvering the stroller through pathways and around objects at the mall effortless. When you want to hit the road for a run, the front wheel can then be locked in place. With the wheel locked you will have better control and a tighter trim on the stroller.
    • Safety tether & consoles
A safety tether will prevent the pram from running away from you in the case of a fall. The tether attaches to the handlebars, some models have an automatic brake attached to the tether that activates if the tether is broken. Consoles and stow pockets allow you to store drinks, toys, clothes, and valuables securely.
    • The carriage
Children love to sleep through most runs, the feeling of motion generally makes them take a nap. The carriage should be adjustable and feature a five point harness system similar to a baby car seat. Most leading brands have accessories that allow you to clip in your existing car seat to the frame of the stroller.
    • Brakes and suspension
If you are a trail runner or frequently find yourself in the great outdoors then your stroller will have different suspension and wheels to a road stroller.
    • Sun Visor
The visor or canopy on the stroller keeps harmful UV rays away from your baby’s sensitive skin. Make sure this is large enough to cover at least your baby’s face without suffocating him or her. Some sun visors are made of black-out material, while others are lighter and more breathable.

The Criteria for Choosing the Best Double Jogging Stroller

For the purpose of this review, we will measure each of the five strollers we have selected against certain criteria listed below.
  • Maneuverability and run-ability
  • Suspension and brakes
  • Design and durability
  • Frame and carriage materials
  • Foldability and portability
  • Sun protection
  • Car seat compatibility
  • Cost and value for money

Reviews for the 5 Best Double Jogging Strollers of 2018-2019

Best Double Jogging Stroller #1: BOB Revolution FLEX Duallie Stroller

  • Best pick of the review
  • Good all rounder
  • Solid build quality and design
  • Good suspension and brakes
  • Two-step fold system
  • Lightweight
Our top pick for double jogging stroller of 2018-2019. This stroller features handlebars that can be set at nine different heights for ease of operation to suit parents of any height. Two-step folding makes the stroller very easy to fold up and store away. The stroller is the lightest in this review, weighing in at 33.1 pounds and is remarkably easy to maneuver. The BOB Revolution is a great runner and will suit even the most demanding marathon runner with a training solution that they can take with them on the road. The carriage is capable of carrying total weights of up to 100 pounds and comes with car seat adaptors that allow you to clip in most popular ranges of car seats. The stroller features independently reclining seats, a full UV resistant sun canopy and a large storage basket for all of your running accessories and baby gear.

Best Double Jogging Stroller #2: Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double

  • All-terrain tires
  • All-wheel suspension
  • Front wheel lock
  • Independently adjustable carriage
  • Expensive
This trusted brand has all-terrain tires making it perfect for those trail runs and walks in the park. The all-wheel suspension provides a smooth, gliding ride on the road or the trails and the carriage have comfortably padded, independently adjustable, reclining seats with independent sun visors. The frame has car seat compatible adjustors and the front wheels are swiveled with locking systems and swivels for easy maneuverability. This stroller is the best cross-training stroller in the review and would suit parents that are looking for both a performance stroller for jogging or running and a casual stroller for everyday use. The stroller is lightweight and easily folded for portability. The only drawback with it is the expensive price tag.

Best Double Jogging Stroller #3: Schwinn Turismo Swivel Double Jogger

  • Well priced
  • Good all-round performance
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Compact and portable
This double jogger has air filled tires mounted on lightweight rims with locking pivot swivels. The stroller has great maneuverability and would suit both serious runners and recreational fitness users. With comfortably padded seats and a carriage capable of supporting loads up to 100 pounds combined, this stroller is well designed and features great build components. The Schwinn double stroller has adjustable handlebars and is easy to fold into a fairly compact size that fits in the trunk of your car. There are independent sun visors that feature peek-a-boo windows and good UV protection. The Schwinn is surprisingly well priced for a leading brand and good value for money considering the performance and design that have gone into this model.

Best Double Jogging Stroller #4: Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller/

  • Very well priced
  • Locking front swivel wheels
  • Parent console with built in speakers
  • Fairly heavy
This stroller is well priced and comes with great features. Lockable front swivel wheels with pneumatic tires make this stroller compatible with both trails and the road, however, performance on the trails may be impaired by the poor suspension of this model. The carriage features independently adjustable padded seats that recline fully and each have their own adjustable sun visor. The navigator also features a parent console with speakers that link to your MP3 player as well as cup holders and a large size travel bag. Overall, this stroller is geared toward recreational joggers or parents just looking to upgrade their current pram to a stroller with better maneuverability. It will handle a light jog but is not meant for serious runners. However, the Navigator is well priced and definitely a good choice for anyone looking for a good balance of design, features, and price.

Best Double Jogging Stroller #5: InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller

  • Easy to fold
  • Inexpensive
  • Not very compact
  • Thin carriage padding
  • Lacking performance
The dual trigger release system makes this stroller incredibly easy to fold and quite compact, allowing you to slide it into the boot of your car. The front wheel has a swivel and the overall maneuverability of this model is not as good as the other four in the review. However, it still does feel light around corners and easy to push due to the large rear wheels that allow for easy pivoting. The seats are not padded very well but they recline easily and feature their own sun visor with kiddie tray. The Instep is your best entry level jogger that has most of the features of the better models but just doesn’t meet the performance standards to be considered a viable option for serious runners.

The Final Thought

Jogging strollers allow parents to enjoy active lifestyles with their kids. A healthy family is a happy family, enjoy a walk or jog through the park, or take your kids with you to marathon training. Choose the stroller that best suits your lifestyle needs and head out with your kids for your first family fun run!