Treadmill workout for weight loss
There are many treadmill workouts out there, some are aimed at beginners, some at athletes, and everything in between. But what is the best treadmill workout for weight loss? This article investigates.  How to Train for Weight Loss To achieve weight loss, you need to create a calorie deficit. This […]

Best Treadmill Workout for Weight Loss

Lose weight on a treadmill
So, you’re thinking about investing in a treadmill. Or perhaps you’ve just bought one, and it is currently sitting idly in your home just waiting to be used. There are several reasons why people use treadmills; to improve their health, improve their fitness, but most common of all it is […]

How to Lose Weight on a Treadmill

Running is one of life’s joys, and in a perfect world we would all have access to beautiful parks, woods, and fields where we could run surrounded by nature. But this is not always possible, particularly if you live in an area where it rains pretty much constantly. Luckily some […]

Is Running on a Treadmill Bad for your Knees?

Purchasing a brand-new treadmill is a statement of intent, you are making a conscious decision to improve your cardiovascular fitness and possibly lose some body fat. You are putting your money where your mouth is. Treadmills allow people at all levels of fitness to get some exercise, even if the […]

Is Walking on a Treadmill Bad for your Knees?

walking shoes
This article gives you all the advice you need for picking the best walking shoes for you. We also compare 10 of the best walking shoes on the market

Best Walking Shoes