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2018 and 2019 Best Green Running Shoes for Men and Women

green running shoes

Walking and running are among the most natural and purest forms of exercise. Running dates back to the ancient Olympic Games in 776 B.C. and has evolved immensely into the modern sport we know today. As marathons, 5k races, trail racing, triathlons, and fun runs developed, so did the need for better equipment.

The single most important piece of equipment, in not only running and walking but in any other form of exercise and sports, is the right green running shoe. Choose the wrong pair of green running shoes and you could end up sitting on your couch nursing aching heels or shin splints instead of enjoying a nice brisk run.

With all the newfangled innovations and fashionable colors, knowing which green running shoe is right for you seems to require a master’s degree.

So how do you choose?

Picking the best green running shoe will require a look at your foot type, what kind of surface you run on and how many miles do you like to log. You also want to take into consideration what type of surface you will be running on.

The three basic types of green running shoes are:

Road-running shoes

Road-running shoes are made specifically for the pavement. They are flexible and light and are designed to move easily and quickly over smooth pavement. They are made to stabilize and cushion the foot during the repetitive strides on the hard surface and are typically made of lightweight material for breathability. The tread of the road shoe is thin as the need for traction is minimal.

Characteristics to look for when purchasing green road-running shoes:

  • Fit
  • Ankle and arch support
  • Breathability (ability to dissipate sweat quickly and cool the foot)
  • Weight (the lighter the better)
  • Cushioning (enough to absorb impact)
  • Flexibility (the front should bend enough so the runner can push off)

Trail-running shoes

Trail-running shoes are designed for rugged, rocky terrain. They have a strong tread and are lower to the ground for solid traction, stability and support for the off-road routes that are loaded with rocks, roots, mud and other obstacles. Cushioning is not as important on trail-running shoes as the surfaces of the trails are softer. The shoes are made of thicker materials making them heavier and sturdier than the road-running shoes.

Characteristics to look for when purchasing green trail-running shoes:

  • Fit
  • Heel to toe drop (difference between the height at the heel and at the forefoot)
  • Waterproof membranes (to protect the feet from the cold and wet and allow sweat vapor to escape)
  • Shock absorption (needed especially for longer runs)

Cross-training shoes

The hybrid of different shoes, cross-training shoes are designed to play several different roles. They are the most versatile all-purpose athletic shoe of all three noted in this article.

Factoring in quick starts and stops, pivoting, lateral movements, and jumping, cross-trainers can be used in the gym for various activities-such as weight training, the elliptical machine, treadmill, and even kick-boxing classes. They are especially good for those who have an active lifestyle.

Characteristics to look for when purchasing green cross-training shoes:

  • Fit (the heel should fit tightly; your heel should not slip when you walk)
  • Traction (typically better to prevent falling in class or slipping on the treadmill)
  • Breathable
  • Uppers (supportive cover around the foot)
  • Support (you should feel support around the toes and ankles)

So whether you are tackling a marathon, a trail path or running on the treadmill, the first thing you need is a decent pair of green running shoes. With so many brands and styles to choose from, finding the perfect pair for your run can be a challenge.

To help you navigate your way to finding the right shoe for your needs, we have put together a list of the best green running shoes of 2018 and 2019.

Best Green Running Shoes #1:Green Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 Running Shoe

A comfortable shoe that feels almost like you are wearing slippers. With an engineered upper mesh for breathability and stretch and Zoom-Air cushioning to absorbs impact. In the green color, they are very good looking.

Worldwide, Air Zoom Pegasus is in the top 1% of the most popular running shoes and is a great price for the value. With superb traction and an upper that dries quickly, it is great for high mileage road runs, trail runs or fast sessions.

Available in men’s and women’s.

Colors: Rage Green White Black 301, Ghost Green/Hasta/Green Glow/White, Electro Green/White-Ghost Green

Pros: comfortable upper, versatility,

Cons: thin tongue lets lacing pressure come thru, shallow toe box


Best Green Running Shoes #2:Green ASICS GEL Venture 5 Running Shoe

Ideal for the trail-runner who ventures off the pavement and onto the rugged trails and wide open spaces of the wilderness. The shoe provides ultimate support with deep grooves and a rubber sole to help provide traction. It is light weight making it ideal for long-distance running.

Available in men’s and women’s.

Colors: Castle Rock/Black/Green, Silver Grey/Turquoise/Lime Punch

Pros: seamless mesh upper for snug fit, durable outsole, smooth and quick transition

Cons: not very flexible, tend to slip on wet surfaces, heavy


Best Green Running Shoes #3:Green ASICS GT-1000 5 Running Shoe

Great for the beginner runner or the most experienced runner. They are flexible and breathable. The heel provides a significant amount of support and cushioning and is positioned to provide good stability. The criss-cross tread help with providing good traction. The upper materials are soft with open-hole mesh fabric.

Available in men’s and women’s

Colors: Green Gecko/White/Black, Spring Bud/Flash Coral/Scuba Blue

Pros: breathable, light weight, true to size

Cons: the heel is a little loose


Best Green Running Shoes #4:Green Salomon Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoe

Perfect for the avid trail runner who is pursuing technical and single track trails. Exceptionally good for those who run through streams or on wet trails. This shoe is designed for any wet and icy surfaces you may encounter.

Available in men’s and women’s

Color: green

Pros: well cushioned heel, Quicklace system, incredible grip

Cons: limited surface running, forefoot may be too firm for a few, smaller toe box


Best Green Running Shoes #5:Green Mizuno Men’s Wave Hayate 2 Running Shoe

An excellent choice for the runner looking for a fast racing shoe on the trails. Light and agile it is designed for speed on off road surfaces. There is a vinyl strip around the toe to add protection from rocks. It has an x-groove in the midsole and outsole that allows the shoe to adapt to terrain. Traction is definitely this shoes strong point even when wet. Made with high quality mesh materials, it breathes well.

Available in men’s

Colors: Green Gecko/Blue Depths/Silver

Pros: responsive, lightweight, traction

Cons: firm, somewhat unstable


Best Green Running Shoes #6:Green Hoka One One Clifton 3 Running Shoe

The Clifton 3 combines ultra-soft cushioning and comfort into a light weight package while delivering a very smooth ride. The midsole features a thick layer of foam which smooths the ride of the shoe and propels the foot forward (known as rocker technology). It has a wider toe box than most and gently hugs the midfoot.

Available in men’s and women’s.

Color: Blue Graphite / Bright Green, Tropical Green

Pros: lightweight, smooth ride, cushioning

Cons: price



While the types of equipment needed for runners is relatively limited, a good pair of green running shoes is a must. Injuries caused by the wrong running shoe can needlessly derail your running regimen.

So whether you are a competitive runner or a novice, road-runner or trail-runner or even if you just cross-train on the elliptical or treadmill in the gym, getting the right pair of green running shoes is imperative.

Those that use the right type of green running shoe experience greater athletic improvement and performance as opposed to those who do not. This is likely due to several factors which include comfort and the right shoe for your type. Happy running!

2018 and 2019 Best Green Running Shoes for Men and Women