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Which Running Shoes to Buy for Your Teens?

running shoes for teen

Whether the teenager in your life is getting ready for spring track or running as a hobby, if you’re looking for the best running shoes for teens you have quite a job. There are many high-quality shoes that offer enough support teenagers as they grow into their running career. However, they’re still learning what they need and figuring out the unique characteristics of their feet. It might sound strange, but getting to know your feet is a huge part of successful running, and teens are a bit of a blank slate. However, they also haven’t developed the bad habits, so you can try a minimalist approach with your shoe choices. Here are five of the best running shoes for teens that combine quality, a natural ride, and support.

ShoeWeight (Men/Women)Arch SupportTerrainPrice
Adidas Men's Adizero Boston 8 Running ShoeM 255g
W 198g
NeutralTrail Check Price
Adidas Women's Cloudfoam Pure Running ShoeW 150gNeutralRoad Check Price
New Balance Men's 520 V5 Running ShoeM 277g
NeutralRoad Check Price
Adidas Performance Galaxy Runner, Urban TrailM 258g
W 258g
NeutralTrail Check Price
Damyuan Men's Lightweight Athletic Running ShoeStabilityRoad Check Price

Running Shoes For Teens #1: Adidas Men’s Adizero Boston 8 Running Shoe

These shoes are fantastic for long distance running and are both comfortable and breathable. Perfect for long runs in summer. The traction of these shoes is superb, benefiting from the continental rubber. The shoes are also surprisingly flexible and are exceptionally light in weight.

Why are these shoes good for teens? Well, they are comfortable, are excellent for running, but they are also durable. They can take a lot of punishment, and they are nice enough to look at, so your teen will not be embarrassed to wear them!

The only downside is that Adidas shoes are often quite pricey, just bear in mind that their durability will prolong their lifespan, meaning that you should not need to replace them as often as most cheaper running shoes.


  • breathable upper

  • lightweight

  • shock absorption

  • adaptive cushioning

  • may feel too tight for wider feet

  • expensive


Running Shoes For Teens #2: Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe

One of the most popular running shoes for women, the Adidas Cloudfoam Pure Running shoe is one of the most beautiful shoes on the market right now. Not only is it an excellent running shoe, but it is also a great shoe for wearing out.

There are many different colour schemes to choose from, with the pure white, and the peach colour scheme being particularly popular. These shoes are also ridiculously comfortable, with amazing cushioning courtesy of the cloudfoam cushion design, and a stretchy upper that really allows you comfort through the full range of motion.

These running shoes are best used when running on a treadmill or indoors (in a gym or hall) rather than cross-country. They look amazing, are amazingly comfortable, but are not as durable as the Adidas Boston 8 shoes we looked at earlier.


  • lace closure

  • cloudfoam sockliner

  • strechy upper

  • cushioning at the midsole and outsole

  • no support

  • not so strong traction, may be slippery


Running Shoes For Teens #3: New Balance Men’s 520 V5 Running Shoe

While the previous shoes have been aesthetically pleasing, the New Balance men’s 520 V2 running shoes are all about substance over style. They are comfortable to wear, exceptionally durable, and are excellent for running in.

These shoes are for the teen who wants to run great times rather than run around in beautiful running shoes. That is not to say that the shoes are ugly. They are not. But you would not call them cool. These are great for training as they are comfortable and durable, however, they may be a little heavy for race day.


  • mesh upper

  • underfoot flex grooves

  • breathable

  • lace up entry

  • cushioned collar

  • soft lining

  • narrower width

  • may slip in wet conditions


Running Shoes For Teens #4: Adidas Galaxy Trail

Adidas makes some great running shoes, especially for teens who are looking for an entry-level shoe that will provide support without being too constricting. The Adidas Galaxy Trail is no exception to that rule, offering an affordable model that’s comfortable, breathable, and secure. It provides great traction, even on wet surfaces, which is perfect for cross-country runners. It also has fairly aggressive lugs, which translates to great leverage and grip on rugged terrain. In fact, the traction is so good you can use it as a hiking shoes, as well. To top it all off, this shoe offers extreme durability. The downside is that it takes quite awhile to dry out if you get it wet. However, that’s a small price to pay for an otherwise outstanding shoe. This is definitely one of the best running shoes for teens and one that I would personally recommend as I know runners whose teens have loved this shoe.


  • excellent support

  • incredible traction

  • can pass as a hiking shoe

  • extremely durable

  • cushioned without being constricting

  • high comfort level

  • takes a long time to dry out if it gets wet


Running Shoes For Teens #5: Damyuan Men’s Lightweight Athletic Running Shoe

The Damyuan running shoe is a vastly different type of shoe to the others on this list. Made by Chinese company Damyuan, these shoes have become immensely popular on Amazon for two reasons. 1) They are sold by drop shipping companies, and 2) they are inexpensive.

The price of Damyuan shoes is much cheaper than those of big-name brands such as Adidas and Nike. But the quality is similar! They are very lightweight, and surprisingly comfortable, and sold for a fraction of the price.

Teens tend to go through clothes and shoes at a rapid rate while they are growing. So spending a hundred dollars on running shoes may not be a realistic option for many parents. Finding an off-brand running shoe that allows them to run in comfort and without hindering their running ability, could really make a difference.

You may just have to convince your teen first!


  • flyknit mesh upper

  • lightweight

  • comfy lining

  • breathable

  • lace-on slip-on design

  • padding on tongue and collar

  • anti-slip rubber sole

  • flex grooves on the outsole

  • may fit tight

  • not ideal in wet weather conditions


Our Best Pick For Your Teens

If you are looking for a high quality running shoe that is affordable and won’t fall apart within a few months, then the Damyuan running shoe may be a good “fit”. However, if you would prefer the tried and trusted companies, the Adidas Adizero Boston 8s are great for long distance running, while the Amazon Cloudform running shoes are a great fashion statement.

Which Running Shoes to Buy for Your Teens?