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Best Running Shoes for Overweight Runners

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If you are overweight then one of the best ways to get in shape is to take up running, or if you’re not quite ready for that then even walking could make a massive difference. It can improve your heart health, lower your body fat, lower cholesterol, improve your cardiovascular fitness, and increase your metabolism.

But one of the biggest issues that can affect overweight people who take up exercise is injury. This is for a lot of reasons: ill health, lack of mobility, weakened joints, stiff muscles, and in the case of running the amount of weight being carried while you run can also cause injury. Overweight people can also suffer from flat feet or over pronation, which can in itself cause chronic injuries.

There are many ways to combat this, paying particular attention to your form while running can make a huge difference, as can following a properly designed training program. But something that you can also do is buy the correct footwear. You need to be looking for shoes that have maximum cushioning and a lot of support around the ankles, also if you do have flat feet you need to find shoes that can help with this, to prevent shin splints and other injuries.

In this article we are going to look at some of the best shoes for overweight runners, so that you can choose the right shoe for you.

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Running Shoes for Overweight Runners #1. Hoka One One Men’s Bondi 6 Running Shoe

Being overweight can put a lot of pressure on your feet, particularly if you spend a lot of your day walking around on hard surfaces. Finding a pair of running shoes that are designed purely for comfort while running or walking is a great idea.

The Hoka One One Bondi 6 running shoe is a fantastic choice for overweight runners. While it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing, and is certainly not designed to be lightweight, these shoes are so comfortable. Perfect if you are planning on starting out as a runner and want a pain free experience!

Running Shoes for Overweight Runners #2. Brooks Men’s Glycerin 17 Cushioned Road Running Shoe

One of the problems with choosing shoes for overweight runners, is that most are designed for walking rather than running. This is not the case with the Brooks Men’s Glycerin 17 cushioned road running shoes. These are excellent running shoes in their own right, they also happen to have incredible cushioning.

The DNA loft and Glycerin cushioning help to provide comfort during every part of the running stride, but the shoe is not so bulky that running is negatively affected. These shoes are perfect for the treadmill and the road, they are also ideal for longer distance runs.


Running Shoes for Overweight Runners #3. New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam 1080 V9 Running Shoe

New Balance has a fine reputation for creating excellent shoes, and the Fresh Foam 1080 V9 running shoes are a prime example of this. These shoes are one of the most comfortable and supportive running shoes out there, ideal for overweight runners who want performance, support, and a pain free experience.

The mesh upper helps make the shoe breathable, while the full-length foam midsole will really help to cushion each step, preventing joint pain during a longer distance run. The shoes also look great, an excellent fashion choice which looks great in the gym, on the road, or just worn socially.

Running Shoes for Overweight Runners #4. Altra Olympus 2 Trail Running Shoe

Another trail running specific shoe to look at, but again this is such a good shoe for anyone carrying a little too much weight. They are designed to be tough and to increase stability, and the cushion is perfect for reducing ground force as it travels up your foot towards your knees.

These shoes are similar to racing flats in that they don’t have much of a heel, this means that you will be able to run faster than perhaps you would with another shoe, but it also means that you should probably save these for later if you’re not yet a seasoned runner.

The soles of these shoes use vibram rubber which is always seen as a very heavy duty material, which is why vibram minimalist shoes became so popular when they first came out.


Running Shoes for Overweight Runners #5. Salomon Men’s Alphacross GTX Trail Running Shoe

Running shoes is a broad topic, and the Salomon Alphacross GTX trail running shoes is a perfect example of that. These shoes are designed for trail running but can also be used for hiking. Due to their amazing cushioning, they are also great for wearing to work or round the house. If you are overweight and looking to get into trail running, then these shoes are perfect.

The shoes are well designed, with amazing grip. They are designed for running outdoors and are not suitable for running on a treadmill. The use of GORE-TEX technology helps to keep your feet dry, but this does affect breathability. The shoes look really cool too, with the castor grey, ebony, and black colour scheme being particularly impressive.


Running Shoes for Overweight Runners #6. Saucony Women’s Versafoam Cohesion 12 Road Running Shoe

These running shoes are ideal for treadmill or road use and are seriously comfortable. Saucony have a fantastic reputation for high quality running shoes for the serious runner, and these shoes should please both the serious runner and the beginner.

Versafoam cushioning is used to improve comfort, while rubber overlays and a rubber outsole help to increase stability as well as durability. The shoes themselves are perhaps not ideal for the fashion conscious, they may look a little bulky, and the colour scheme is a little off. But if you are looking for shoes that you can run in while protecting your joints and enjoying the ride, these are perfect.


Bottom Line

There are some seriously good shoes on this list, all aimed at improving the running experience for overweight runners. The Hoka One One Bondi 6 running shoes are perfect if you are looking for comfort and cushioning, on the other hand, you have Alphacross GTX trail running shoes that are perfect for outdoor running/hiking. The Brooks Glycerin 17 may be the perfect combination of cushioning and performance.

Best Running Shoes for Overweight Runners