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Best Running Shoes For Over Supination

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Supination is a very important part of natural running technique, it is where the foot rolls outwards slightly during impact. If you were standing perfectly still and rolled your foot until only the outside of your foot was touching the ground this would be supination. It is slightly different while moving, and also involves your toes pushing down into the ground.

While over supination is quite rare in runners, it still affects many people. Over supination involves the foot rolling further outwards than normal, and affects the foot’s ability to absorb shock while running. This can lead to a number of injuries – shin splints and plantar fasciitis in particular.

You can easily tell whether you over supinate (also known as under pronation or hyper supination) by performing the wet foot test. This sounds weird but basically all you need to do is get your foot wet and walk on a surface such as concrete, this will leave a foot print. When you look at the footprint you should be seeing an imprint that looks a little like a letter “P”. If this is the case then you have a neutral foot and can purchase most running shoes easily.

If your foot print looks like a really fat letter “I” then you are an over Pronator. Over supinators will see a really exaggerated version of the neutral foot, with barely any of the middle part of the foot visible. If you find yourself staring at this footprint then you should prepare yourself for buying specific shoes. This review will be looking at the best running shoes for over supination, we will review comfort, durability, price, flex, and shock absorption.

We will now take a look at each shoe individually so that you can decide for yourself which shoe is the best fit for your specific needs.

Best Running Shoes For Over Supination #1: Nike Air Pegasus+ 26

What’s important to remember is that as an over supinator your feet are not as good at absorbing shock as someone with neutral feet. This means that your shoes need to take more of the shock away, while providing comfort and flexibility. The Nike Air Pegasus+ 26 running shoe is a perfect example of a shoe that will aid over supinators.
The shoe is well known for its cushioning and contains a decoupled crash pad that will really help your feet during a hard run. The heel outsole provides excellent traction and is also highly durable, and the outsole is now more flexible than ever.
Nike shoes are well known for being immensely durable, the shock absorption is excellent, the shoe is very flexible, and as always it will be a comfortable fit. The price is also surprisingly fair. They may not be the most beautiful looking shoe on the market, in fact some would say that the toe of the shoe is quite snubbed. But overall this shoe is fantastic value and will help any under supinator to improve their running.


Best Running Shoes For Over Supination #2: Asics GEL Cumulus 19

Asics are always guaranteed to provide you with a high quality running shoe, the GEL-Nimbus is all about comfort. The cushioning on this shoe is insane, these shoes will really help absorb the shock while running. The GEL Cumulus 19 is also incredibly durable, with many wearers reporting hundreds of miles run in them with no wearing down.
The shoes look really nice, particularly the carbon/black/hot orange colour combination, and the directoire blue/Peacoat/Energy colour combination (yes those are the names of the colours). They also have really good midsoles (FluidRide) which really helps cushion the shoes. The only downside to be found would be the stiffness of the shoes. Over Supinators tend to require a lot of flexibility in their shoes, and this is one area that could do with some improvement.


Best Running Shoes For Over Supination #3: Brooks Glycerin 15

The Glycerin range is well known among runners as one of the most comfortable and well cushioned shoes on the market. The Glycerin 15 is one of Brooks’ more recent shoes and their most cushioned yet. The first thing that strikes you when you hold a pair is the huge cushion around the heel. The midsole uses Super DNA foam, which is abundant – whereas the toe end of the shoe barely has any, this will really encourage good running technique.
Considering how much rubber and cushioning these shoes have you might think that there is a trade off (similar to the Asics GEL Cumulus 19) with flexibility, but there really isn’t! These shoes will really help over supinators as they will provide a lot of shock absorption and a lot of flexibility, while also being very comfortable to wear. The shoes are a little pricey, but well worth your money.


Best Running Shoes For Over Supination #4: Saucony Cohesion 10

Saucony are a well respected running shoe manufacturer that makes fast and long lasting running shoes. Their Cohesion range are perfect for any over supinators due to their durability, their shock absorption, their flexibility, and their weight. They also look fantastic and fit like a glove.
The biggest benefit of the Saucony Cohesion 10s though is the price, you probably won’t find a pair of running shoes that suit over supinators for anywhere near this price. The flexibility is really impressive – which you would expect from shoes that are as lightweight as these. They may not be as durable as some of the other shoes on this list, but remember that they are less than half the price!


Best Running Shoes For Over Supination #5. Mizuno Wave Rider 20

Mizuno is one of the best running shoe makers on the market for those who prioritise comfort and durability. Their shoes always contain an excellent amount of cushioning, and are of the highest quality. The Wave Rider 20s are perfect for over supinators as they are very comfortable, but also surprisingly flexible.
The shoes are incredibly breathable, with a really well designed mesh upper. While they are very flexible (as mentioned above) there is a rigidity to the cushioning that can help guide runners into avoiding over supination. The shoes look absolutely beautiful, and are definitely the best looking of the five. They will last you a long time, and will really help improve the comfort of your run. The Wave Rider 20 is an amazing overall shoe.


The Bottom Line

Of the five shoes on this list, the Mizuno Wave Rider 20s are definitely our favourite. They look amazing, are incredibly comfortable, are flexible, and very breathable. They will suit both regular runners and beginners, and have been shown to be particularly comfortable for overweight runners. The Pegasus shoes are a close second, but lose out on comfort and flexibility, they are also nowhere near as aesthetically pleasing.

Best Running Shoes For Over Supination