The Best Treadmill Running Shoes of 2018

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Choosing the right shoes for your treadmill workout can mean the difference between a good run or walk, and an injury to your foot or joints. Good shoes are essential equipment that no runner can live without unless they want sore feet. Selecting a pair of shoes that are well-designed and support your feet in the right places will increase your performance on the treadmill and improve your recovery between workouts.

With so many brands and shoes available, it may feel a little overwhelming when you begin to browse a retailer’s storefront. Shoe technology has advanced to the stage where companies spend millions of dollars on research and design. The result is lightweight, high-performance materials, combined with a snug and comfortable fit.

We decided to take the hassle out of your shoe shopping and created this list of the best running shoes for treadmill workouts. We selected shoes based on the user experience in various categories and the user feedback given about the shoe.

The Best Treadmill Running Shoes of 2017 #1: Nike Speed Rival 6

These racing flats from Nike give a minimalist feel to your runs on the treadmill. The sense of active engagement between your feet, the shoe, and the treadbelt provides incredible stability and control during your run or walk.

These minimalist shoes are outstanding on the treadmill and the road, but the place they shine the most is the price tag. At $60 they offer excellent value for money and considering their durability, could last you an entire year of vigorous treadmill workouts.


  • Wider fit than most racing flats.
  • Responsive cushioning in the sole that will suit runs of any distance.
  • Very durable and high-quality construction.
  • Very good value for money.
  • Hexagonal midsole shank helps with fast-paced running.
  • Wide footprint increases stability on the treadmill.


  • Will have a loose fit for those runners with narrow feet.
  • The fit is a bit loose through the mid-sole.

Final Verdict

The Nike Speed Rival 6 features excellent cushioning for a racing flat as well as remarkable acceleration and performance that you could expect from a shoe with a much higher price tag. This shoe is best for runners looking for more toe-box room and a spacious feel to the mid-sole.

The Best Treadmill Running Shoes of 2017 #2: Nike Lunarglide 9

The Nike Lunarglide 9 is possibly the lightest and most comfortable running shoe ever designed. The Luneglide provides a sleek, smooth, supportive run that comes from the early compression of the mid-sole.

The glide and acceleration of the shoe make it suitable for runners of all skill levels and all distances, from a few miles on the treadmill to marathons, the Lunarglide 9 is a fantastic shoe to run in. While some may have been disappointed by the Lunarglide 8, this new model has recaptured the essence of the Lunarglide model and updated it to one of Nikes most impressive running shoes.


  • Very lightweight
  • Cushioned midfoot with hidden Flywires securing the fit.
  • Stiff midsole with added arch support.
  • Very attractive as a casual shoe.
  • Breathable moisture wicking materials.


  • Not very durable, especially around the midsole and outsole.
  • Produce a squeaking sound on stepping; this comes from the Flywires rubbing the upper.

Final Verdict

The Nike Lunarglide 9 has everything you would need in a treadmill running shoe. It’s comfortable, lightweight and features just enough stability to make it a quality running shoe worth considering. Did we mention that it looks impressive as well? Wear it on your errands for a fashionable activewear addition to your wardrobe.

The Best Treadmill Running Shoes of 2017 #3: Asics Dynamis

Asics have moved the bar with the introduction of their new Dynamis model. The shoes most outstanding feature is the BOA lacing system that can be adjusted at any time, even mid-run, to give you a snug fit that can’t be beaten.

The sole features Asics patented Flytefoam in the midsole, giving decent arch support and unmatched comfort. The sole is extremely lightweight and features highly resilient fibers that return to their original form between strides. The uppers are breathable and wick away moisture efficiently.


  • Lightweight, breathable materials, and superior construction.
  • Very durable.
  • Responsive feel with custom fit lacing.
  • Shallow toe-box with a gel inlay that molds to your foot shape.
  • Intelligent BOA lacing system.
  • Very fashionable.


  • Laces create a slight bit of pressure on the tongue.
  • Heel fit is slightly loose.

Final Verdict

The ASICS Dynamis

This shoe represents a new level of running technology. Everything about this shoes just oozes innovation. From the BOA lacing system that gives support and stability through the mid-sole to the lightweight foam sole and breathable upper materials. The Asics Dynamis is setting a new era for shoe technology in the Asics brand, and we can’t wait to see what comes next.

The Best Treadmill Running Shoes of 2017 #4: New Balance Fuelcell

New Balance is known for producing well-cushioned running shoes. With the Fuelcell, they have stepped into the arena of the more minimalist racer. This shoe is ideal for anyone with neutral or slightly over-pronated feet. Slip them on and get on the treadmill, you may even forget you are wearing shoes!


  • Responsive with good acceleration.
  • Flexible, lightweight sole.
  • Durable construction.
  • Useful as a daily trainer or walker.
  • Minimalist design and neutral sole.


  • Some shoes have minor manufacturing errors and blemishes.
  • Not very well cushioned.
  • Poor breathability in midsole region.

Final Verdict

New balance has entered the minimalist racer market with an impressive start. The Fuelcell is everything you would expect from the New Balance brand, with superior comfort and excellent performance. Our favorite feature of this shoe is the energy efficient outsole paired with a sleek and stylish looking upper that provides outstanding support.

The Best Treadmill Running Shoes of 2017 #5: New Balance M490 V2

These shoes look deceptively stylish and trendy. However, they are a runners dream if you are looking for a shoe that’s inexpensive and provides a high level of performance. The toe box and uppers feel tight when you try them on for the first time, however; with regular use, they loosen up a bit. The heel cup is firm and very forgiving, so feel free to lace the shoe up tightly.

The shoe features moderate arch support and a firm feeling under the forefoot. The continuous piece of New Balance’s XLT Foot-bed foam stretches throughout the length of the shoe and provides a reasonable level of comfort and outstanding performance.


  • Affordable.
  • Very responsive.
  • Good support.
  • Tight toe-box and neutral foot balance.
  • Reliable and durable.


  • Needs to be worn with a tight fit to be snug.
  • Minor manufacturing defects in the upper.
  • Slightly heavy.

Final Verdict

The New Balance 490v2s have the budget runner in mind. They offer a reasonable level of comfort and support with a low price tag. If you are looking for a quality pair of shoes that are robust and will last you years, then the 490v2s is the shoe that you have been looking for to make your treadmill workouts outstanding.

The Best Treadmill Running Shoes of 2017 #6: Asics Gel-DS Trainer 21

The 21st edition of the Asics Gel-DS is a marvel of shoe technology. Suitable for a minimalist feeling on the treadmill, they feel fast and promote acceleration with their FlyteFoam sole that is up to 55% lighter than previous soles in the same range of shoe.

The DS trainer has fantastic stability and leans more toward the neutral foot. The Dynamic Duomax support system at the forefoot gives a slight over-pronation protection, and the Asics guidance system enables excellent control.


  • Light design with breathable materials.
  • Flytefoam sole for fast response and excellent acceleration.
  • Dynamic tread pattern for stability and control.


  • Tongue feels a bit thin, and the laces push through.
  • Limited colors are available.

Final Verdict

The ASICS DS Trainer 21 continues its strong legacy as a treadmill running shoe that delivers for athletes of all experience and skill levels. These shoes are comfortable and supportive, as well as being aesthetically pleasing as well. Their colorful and sleek appearance means that you can wear them during your workouts, or with casual clothing while you are running errands.

The Best Treadmill Running Shoes of 2017 #7: Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34

The Pegasus range from Nike is a classic icon reworked into the modern era of running shoes. This Pegasus is the 35th edition of the shoe and Nike have managed to do a great job of keeping the original lines and feel of the shoe throughout the years. If anything, the shoe looks and feels more like the original Pegasus model, more than any of its predecessors.

The air zoom Pegasus 35 features a reasonably standard outsole combined with “Premium Cushlon foam” and “Zoom Air” in the heel and forefoot. This sole and Cushlon give the shoe fantastic response and support, with excellent stability throughout the entire stride.


  • Feet secured well with Flywire technology.
  • Cushlon sole with lightweight materials.
  • Durable construction and excellent comfort.
  • Suitable for training and casual wear.


  • The outsole tends to collect small stones in the gaps.
  • Sole may feel stiffer than previous Air Pegasus models.

Final Verdict

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34s are the tried and true shoes from Nike that offer a durable, reliable, and well-tested set of features. With a fair price and smart looks, you’re sure to have a good run ahead if you grab a pair.

The Best Treadmill Running Shoes of 2017 #8: Asics GT-3000 5

This Asics shoe forms part of a classic range that has been one of Asics best-sellers. The GT-3000 5 features a snug toe box with a 10mm offset. The shoe is similar to the Kayano model in fit, however; the women’s Kayano features a 13mm drop. This drop makes the toe-box feel wide when pressure is applied to the forefoot while running, opening up the shoe and increasing speed, acceleration, and control.

The sole features dynamic DuoMax® technology which runs along the medial aspect of the shoe to resist foot-strike compression. The gel strip in the sole extends the life of the mid-sole and gets you more miles out of the shoe.


  • Very snug fit, with fantastic support through the uppers.
  • Responsive and durable lightweight sole with Cushlon technology.
  • Firm in the midsole.
  • Breathable materials that wick away moisture.
  • Mid-drop height.


  • Small toe-box that may not be suitable for those runners with wide feet.

Final Verdict

The ASICS GT-3000 5 is the ideal shoe for treadmill runners that are looking for a balance of price, quality, and performance. This shoe does not feature any remarkable new technology; instead, it relies on a formula that has made it one of the world’s premier running shoes. Asics have kept it simple with the design and features, and the result is an excellent all-around shoe for training and casual wear.

Choosing the Right shoes for You

Choosing the right shoes for your treadmill training is a critical decision that will affect the outcome of your training results. Before you decide on your next pair of shoes, make sure that you understand your feet, and your running posture before you make your final purchase decision.

Flat-footed runners will tend to gravitate to a more stable shoe, as it helps to prevent over-pronation. Neutral runners can run in many types of footwear but usually go for a medium stability shoe. If you have high arches, then you will be best suited for a shoe that offers excellent levels of cushioning in the heel and midsole.

Select your favorite brand and model from our list of the top eight treadmill running shoes above. Remember that it takes some time on the treadmill for your shoes to wear in, so make your final evaluation of your shoes after you have run or walked around fifty miles in them.

The Final Thought

Running on a treadmill is very different to running on the road. Treadmill workouts will be best suited to a minimalist shoe that allows you to build the stability in your feet. Your shoes should feel right from the first time you slip them on and lace them up. However, it will take a few miles before they loosen up and give their real performance potential.

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