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5 Best Nike Running Shoes For Men

Nike running Shoe Man

Shopping for shoes is an essential task for any serious runner, but sorting through the myriad of styles and brands can be overwhelming. With all the things a runner has to keep in mind, narrowing down a list of shoes that covers all the important basics while offering choice and flexibility can be difficult. That’s why I went ahead and did it for you. Here are the five best Nike running shoes for men based on technical specs and the opinion of runners just like you. By the time you’re done, you should have a much better idea of which Nike shoes are right for you.

Take a look at the following table and see which shoes made the cut and how I rated them. Each rating is out of five stars.

Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit

223 gCompetitionRoad Check Price
Nike Flyknit Racer159 gCompetitionRoad Check Price
Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33

(Editor's Choice)

255 gDailyRoad Check Price
Nike Flyknit Lunar 3218 gCompetitionRoad Check Price
Nike Flex RN 2016232 gCompetitionRoad Check Price

Now that you have a general overview of all the shoes that made the cut, let’s talk a little more about why these are the five best Nike running shoes for men.

Nike Running Shoes For Men #1:Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit

The sock-like fit and natural feel of the Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit offers a comfortable ride. It has a plush interior out of the box, and it’s exceptionally lightweight. The durability of the Nike Free range is always very high, and this model is no exception. Most people I know who have this shoe say that it provides a very natural ride and that it offers as much support as it does flexibility. The cushioning on this model is a lot softer than it is on other Free versions, and its supreme breathability leaves you cool and dry as you run long distances. What’s more, the traction and ability to carry you over a variety of terrains is a key feature of this shoe. While it’s a little bit on the expensive side and could do with a bit more upper structure, it’s still a great running shoe to try out.


  • natural ride

  • sock-like fit

  • comfortable and plush out of the box

  • lightweight

  • durable

  • breathable for a cool, dry run

  • excellent traction

  • slightly lacking in upper structure

  • may be snug for those with wide feet


Nike Running Shoes For Men #2:Nike Flyknit Racer

This model of the Flyknit line is attractive, offering dynamic color schemes and a sleek design. The Flyknit fabric cradles our foot and feels like a sock, but for all the support it offers, it doesn’t irritate the skin. This line is well-known for being breathable and offering a cool, dry run as well as providing a springy, cushioned underfoot feel. It’s incredibly responsive and lightweight making it perfect for churning out those miles or ramping up your speed. It runs a bit narrow for some feet, and it’s probably not ideal for daily running as it can break down a little faster than other shoes. But for competition and races, it’s a great entry-level Nike shoe.


  • attractive

  • sleek design

  • Flyknit fabric cradles foot

  • sock-like feel

  • springy, cushioned underfoot experience

  • great competition shoe

  • narrow for some

  • could use more durability


Nike Running Shoes For Men #3:Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33

This shoe provides ultimate comfort, support, and breathability. The style and design are quite attractive, and the traction on this shoe is among the best in the Nike line. The upper is fast-drying and it has excellent arch support for those who need it. This shoe is very capable of carrying you to high speeds and across long distances before it will wear out, and as far as Nike shoes go it’s one of the most affordable shoes. Even though it’s affordable, though, the quality is still there, so this shoe is a great value. I’ve personally worn this version (in women’s) and I love it. If you’ve ever experienced the pain of running long distances in poor shoes, this shoe is the complete opposite of that experience. I was able to run about 13 miles before I ever felt any discomfort, and the pain I felt was due to my sock, not my shoe. As a runner who has weak ankles and foot problems, I appreciated the support of this shoe, and I think it’s one of the best Nike running shoes for men, or women for that matter.


  • support

  • comfort

  • breathability

  • arch support

  • cushioned ride

  • natural feel

  • fast-drying upper

  • great for long distances

  • toe is a bit narrower than past versions

  • stiffer than the last version, as well, due to changes in the outsole design


Nike Running Shoes For Men #4:Nike Flyknit Lunar 3

Everything about the Flyknit is comfortable, which is why it’s one of the best running shoes for men and women alike. Granted, there are variations on the Flyknit, but the entire line offers support and flexibility that’s second to no other in the Nike line. However, the Lunar 3 levels up on the secure feel and neutral arch support when compared to previous versions. It also has one of the widest ranges of color and style options for those who want them. Its only downside is that it runs about a half size smaller than the Lunar 2, but if you shop for it knowing that, it’s not really that much of a downside.


  • breathable

  • secure feel thanks to Flywire technology

  • supportive mid-foot system

  • responsive and springy coming off the ground

  • excellent mid-sole cushion

  • wide range of color and style options

  • sock-like feel

  • 1/2 size smaller than Lunar 2


Nike Running Shoes For Men #5:Nike Flex RN 2016

The Flexline prides itself on offering comfort and stability at an affordable price point, and this version certainly doesn’t disappoint. The Flex RN 2016 is incredibly durable, so it’s a great option for people who want to run long distances and put in a lot of mileage before having to replace the shoe. It also holds up to extended wear time, which is difficult to find even among running shoes. The traction is great, even on wet pavement, and while it’s a natural feeling shoe it’s sturdy enough for gym workouts, as well. Flexible and lightweight this shoe offers breathability and ventilation, as well, making it great for those who run in hot areas.


  • flexibility and support

  • breathability

  • great for high mileage and extended wear time

  • excellent traction, even on wet surfaces

  • natural but sturdy enough for the gym

  • affordable

  • back is a little high for walkers

  • some people find it to be tight, but most don't have a problem

  • a little narrow if you have wide feet

  • outsole could use some work



While these are the five best Nike running shoes for men, the winner, in my opinion, has to be the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33.

It’s an excellent addition to a near legendary line. This shoe offers you a comfortable, breathable ride with enough support to get you through extended miles while being minimalist enough to give you a natural feeling ride. While other Nike shoes are good for specific goals or uses, this one caters to nearly every essential function a running shoe should have and is accommodating to a wide range of runners. You’ll think you’re running on a cloud, hence the name Pegasus.

5 Best Nike Running Shoes For Men