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Most Comfortable Running Shoes

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While some people run to win, many other people run for the sheer enjoyment of it. Not everyone is constantly looking to break the world record, the majority of people see running as a hobby, a major factor in deciding what you are running for can come down to what shoes you choose to wear.

Do you wear running shoes built for performance, or shoes built for comfort? In this article we are going to look at five of the most comfortable running shoes that you can buy – but we’re also going to ensure that each shoe we look at is also good for performance!

We will be judging each pair of running shoes on comfort (obviously), speed (whether you can sprint in them), price, and durability, before adding them all up and assessing which shoe is the best overall. As this is a guide for the most comfortable shoe, this will be the most important factor.

The 5 Most Comfortable Running Shoes

OneMix Air Cushion Sport

Saucony Men’s Triumph Iso 3 LR

Newluhu Men’s Running Shoes

Under Armour UA SpeedForm Gemini 2

Hoka One One Bondi 5


Most Comfortable Running Shoes #1: Onemix Men’s Air Cushion Sport Running Shoes

OneMix is a Chinese shoe company that is mostly famous for having very similar looking shoes to Nike, Adidas, etc … but at cheaper prices. This has made them quite a controversial company – with many American companies in particular claiming copyright infringement. But we’re not here to look at international copyright law, we’re looking for comfortable running shoes! And the OneMix Air Cushion Sport is a seriously comfy running shoe.

The cushioning is large and impressive, it is designed so that when you raise your foot off the ground, air rushes into the shoe and cools your foot – preventing excessive heat build up. The design of the shoe is stunning (though many critics would say that it is basically just a Nike shoe with a different name). It is a very reasonable price, and the comfort level is huge.
Running in these shoes is like running on air, and the cooling system helps keep them from becoming hot, sweaty messes on longer runs. Obviously the shoes are slightly heavy compared to track shoes, or running shoes designed for long distance races, but if you are a normal runner who wants to complete your race in comfort – while still being able to run naturally, then the OneMix Men’s Air Cushions Sport is the shoe for you.


Most Comfortable Running Shoes #2: Saucony Men’s Triumph Iso 3 LR Running Shoe

Saucony is a Massachusetts, based shoe company that has been around since 1898. They have built themselves a reputation for delivering high quality racing shoes. While you won’t find too many people wearing Saucony shoes as a fashion statement, their racing spikes, long distance racing flats, and cross country running shoes are excellent.

The Saucony Men’s Triumph Iso 3 LR Running Shoe is unlike their usual racing shoe, in that it is designed with comfort in mind. The cushioning isn’t as impressive as the OneMix shoe, but it is still impressive, and the Saucony shoe would definitely be better in a race situation.

The shoes utilize enhanced energy underfoot and an excellent landing zone to help you run better and in much more comfort. The shoes will adapt to your stride as you use them, helping to prevent them from wearing out, and improving your level of comfort. Saucony provide some very comfortable shoes, but they’re still very light and look just like regular running shoes – rather than looking like large cushioned bricks! Excellent for walking or running long distances.

They are only let down by the price, which is still very reasonable – but there are definitely cheaper options on this list. If you have the money to spend on them, and want a comfortable but fast run, then Saucony Men’s Triumph are the perfect fit.


Most Comfortable Running Shoes #3: Newluhu Men’s Running Shoes Lightweight Outdoor Casual Athletic Knit Sports Sneakers

Newluhu have created a really impressive looking running shoe, it just looks unreal. You get a choice of black, blue, or gray colors (gray looks the best), and the colors match really well with the bright white sole. The shoes are made out of 90% cotton with a rubber sole. They have a non slip bottom and they are incredibly flexible – allowing you to bend and flex them as much as required.

These shoes are great for walking and running long distances in, but also look nice as a fashion statement. The cushion is huge, and does look a little like a wedge, but for some reason this actually improves the aesthetics of the shoe.

From a comfort point of view these shoes may even be on the same level as the Onemix Air Cushion shoes we reviewed earlier. The upper uses knit in ventilation holes to keep your feet cool during a run, and the soles blend elasticity and softness to allow you to run better and in more comfort than almost any other shoe. They may be a little heavier than the Saucony shoes, and you probably won’t be able to run as fast in them, but for pure comfort these shoes really stand out.


Most Comfortable Running Shoes #4: Under Armour Men’s UA SpeedForm Gemini 2 Running Shoes

Under Armour are a clothing company that specializes in gym gear, they are probably better known for their clothes than their shoes, but in recent years their range of shoes has become more and more popular.

The Speedform Gemini 2 running shoes are a really nice addition to this list, the shoes are similar to ONemix in that they are based around comfort, but they are also similar to Saucony in that they are very similar in design to regular running shoes. The shoes have a pretty large cushion which contain innovative speedform technology that is designed to remove all distraction while you are running.

The toe cap is molded meaning that the Speedform Gemini 2 has a lot of support for the foot, it also increases the durability of the shoes. They actually have a sock liner embedded into the midsole cavity, this is also to help increase comfort and prevent your feet from moving around too much inside the shoe while running.

These shoes seem to have been made specifically for people with flat feet, this doesn’t mean that people with regular feet can’t use them. But if you are overweight and have been for a long time, then these running shoes might be perfect for you.


Most Comfortable Running Shoes #5: Hoka One One Men’s Bondi 5 Running Shoes

Hoka One One claims to be the fastest growing running shoe company in the world, it was founded in France in 2009 but is now based in California, US. Their Bondi 5 running shoes are an excellent example of a shoe designed for maximal comfort. The cushion for these shoes is huge, even bigger than the Onemix Air Cushion Sport shoes we reviewed at the beginning.

Sadly the attention to comfort has detracted from these shoes in terms of style, aesthetics, and speed. You’ll probably enjoy running in these shoes more than any other, but you won’t be running at your fastest. If you are looking for a shoe that will keep you in comfort over a long walk, jog, or run, then these are definitely the right choice.

They are not cheap, so as with the Saucony shoes only buy them if you are sure that you want this level of comfort. The Bondi 5 running shoes are probably the most comfortable shoes on this list, and for a lot of people, that is worth paying for.


Bottom Line

Out of all the shoes we looked at, the Bondi 5 running shoes from Hoka One One were probably the most comfortable, the Saucony Triumph ISO 3 LR were the best for running in, the One Mix were the best budget shoe, Under Armour had the best durability, and Newluhu had the best overall shoe.

Of course, different people will have different needs, but Newluhu was the best looking, the second most comfortable, the most reasonably priced, and still allowed you to run fast during races. An excellent all round shoe that you could use for any occasion.

Most Comfortable Running Shoes