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Top 5 Spiked Running Shoes

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Track running shoes are not something that many people consider buying, it’s a very niche product – reserved for men and women who participate in athletic events such as sprinting, middle/long distance running, or events such as hurdles. But this form of recreation is becoming more and more popular, and as a result spiked running shoes are becoming a must have product.

You wear spiked running shoes to give yourself more grip while on a running track, there are different types of spiked shoes, some are specifically designed for short sprint distances 100-400m, some are designed for longer distances (5k-10k races), and some are designed to encompass all distances. In this article we will review five spiked running shoes that (in our opinion) are currently the best on the market. We will look at comfort, durability, price, and we’ll mention what distances they are best suited for.

Top Five Spiked Running Shoes

NameComfortDurabilityPriceIdeal DistanceTotal
Saucony Spitfire Track Shoe

3/54/54/5100m – 400m11/15
Puma EvoSPEED Sprint V6

3/53/54/5100m – 400m10/15
New Balance Track Spike Shoe

3/54/52/5100m – 400m9/15
Nike Zoom Rival S 8 Track Shoe

4/55/54/5100m – 800m13/15
Adidas Adizero Finesse Track Shoe

4/54/53/5100m – 800m11/15

Spiked Running Shoes #1: Saucony Men’s Spitfire Track Shoe

Saucony are a Massachusetts based shoe company that has built a name for itself based on its incredible sprinting shoes. The Saucony Men’s Spitfire Track Shoe is one of their most popular products.

The shoe has 7 spikes located around the balls of your feet, this indicates that the shoe would be perfect for sprinters, the shoe has been designed to be as aerodynamic as possible, and it has a welded quarter and eyerow which makes it stable during turns. Perfect for shorter distances such as the 200m and 400m races. Any distance over 800m though would be quite uncomfortable, as your stride length and running technique would change dramatically.

The shoes are very lightweight, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that this will make them any less durable. We are looking at a very well designed sprinting shoe that stands out among similar spiked running shoes due to the design, the aerodynamics, and the spike plate. Any sprinter would be very happy with this set of spikes.


Spiked Running Shoes #2: Puma EvoSPEED Sprint V6

Here we have another sprint specific track running shoe, with Puma’s EvoSPEED Sprint V6. The shoes also suit hurdling. They contain 8 spikes placed in the standard “D” shape right around the balls of your feet. The heel has some light grip, but it is clear that these shoes are designed for short distances where you are constantly running on your toes.

There is a lot of heel support and the shoes are surprisingly breathable, you are looking at a very light yet sturdy sprinting shoe. Aesthetically the shoes are not going to be to everyone’s taste, you have the choice between a blue/white/orange combination, or a black/gray/silver combination – both look a bit like a carpet design straight out of the 1980s.

But if you are all about getting the fastest 100m sprint time then who cares what they look like? They compare favourably with a lot of similar sprint shoes, being both lighter and utilising better grip than most of the competition. As with Saucony’s Spitfire Track Shoe, the Puma EvoSPEED is all about getting you round the track in the fastest time possible.


Spiked Running Shoes #3: New Balance Men’s Track Spike Shoes

From a purely aesthetic point of view, the New Balance men’s track spike shoes look like the greatest spiked running shoes in the world. The front of the shoe looks almost aggressive, while the heel has a beautiful emblem of a hawk on it. The shoes are 100% synthetic with an 8 spike plate featuring a line of four spikes along the balls of your feet, two spikes along the outside (where your little toe would be) and two covering the top (where your big toe would be).

The shoes have a cushioned footbed and the lightweight upper has a scuffed design that looks really good and will prevent the shoes from looking aged. A minor thing, but considering sprint shoes are designed to be constantly bent (as you run on the balls of your feet) spiked running shoes can look prematurely old after just a couple wears. New Balance have managed to prevent this, with their black and silver colored shoes.

As with the previous two shoes, you wouldn’t want to wear these over distances longer than 400m, as they were not meant to last that long into a race. The lightweight design is there to make sprinting easy, and to suit the balls of your feet style running that sprinting is known for.


Spiked Running Shoes #4: Nike Men’s Zoom Rival S 8 Track Spike

The Zoom Rival S 8 Track Spike by Nike is one of the most popular track running shoes on the market, and for good reason. The shoe is a beautifully designed product that concentrates on both comfort and effectiveness. As a result it may not be as fast as the previous two – but it suits slightly longer distances such as the 800m.

The shoes are very breathable, which isn’t always the case with spiked running shoes, and they are also very lightweight. They contain 7 spikes that are placed in a triangular formation, with three at the back in a straight line, followed by two spikes placed quite far apart, and then two spikes next to each other at the front.

Nike claims that the Dynamic Fit technology wraps the midfoot and arch in a glove-like fit, and it contains an EVA sockliner which moulds to the shape of your foot as you wear it. There are large perforations in the toe box which means that there is a lot of breathability and it contains mesh around the upper for this purpose too.

There are some excellent designs to choose from, particularly the all white and all black shoes, but special mention must be given to the bright, lime green shoe which looks surprisingly good! All in all, an excellent sprinting track shoe.


Spiked Running Shoes #5: Adidas Adizero Finesse Track Shoe

The final track shoes that we are going to look at are the Adizero Finesse Track Shoe brought to you by Adidas. These shoes are the nicest looking ones on this list, so if looking awesome is your number one priority then buy these right now! As a shoe they are very well designed, containing 6 spikes with 3 in a line, one slightly higher up on the outside of the foot, one further up still on the inside of the foot, and a final one at the top.

They contain a breathable lining on the inside that is designed to fit your foot perfectly, they are very lightweight, weighing just 141g , and have a rubber sole which will help with grip and durability. All in all the Adizero Finesse Track Shoe is a really nice sprinter’s shoe, which is comfortable to wear, lightweight enough to allow you to run fast, but versatile enough to suit anyone from a 100m sprinter to an 800m runner (just about).


The Bottom Line

Here we have five excellent spiked running shoes, that will be an excellent addition to your training gear. Each one of them is designed to help sprinters and short-distance runners get the most out of the track, and all prioritise speed and grip over everything else. Our favourite has to be the Zoom Rival S 8 Track Spike by Nike, it just manages to score highest in every category. The shoes are a very reasonable price, they are comfortable, they will last you a long time (provided you care for them), they contain a lot of grip, and they will keep your feet ventilated throughout the race.

But each shoe in this list is fantastic, and sometimes you just have to go with your gut. Pick whichever one speaks to your specific needs, and you’ll be very pleased with the results.

Top 5 Spiked Running Shoes