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5 Best Running Gifts for Men

Gifts for runners men

Runners are all about their gear, but we love to have fun, too. When you’re shopping for running gives for the men in your life, make sure to include as much “fun gear” as you do run gear. If you’re not a runner, you’re probably overwhelmed by all the choices available when it comes to running gifts. As a runner myself, I know what kinds of gifts I’d love to get, and I know enough guys who run to know what they’ve received and loved. Here are five of the top running gifts for the guy who loves to run.

Running Gifts for Men #1:Woolike Men’s Sports Style Polarized Sunglasses

These sunglasses come in five styles and they are polarized to offer 100 percent UV400 protection. They block all harmful UVA and UVB rays, and they have true color and scattered light, which means you can enjoy a soft, clear scene instead of the harsh, strange look that some sunglasses offer. I love that they have TAC lenses with seven layers for polarization, bonding, UV protection, and a shatterproof layer, as well. They’re super lightweight, and from what I’ve heard they’re very comfortable. You also get a lifetime guarantee on the frame and a care kit, which is great because you will probably put them through a bit of abuse on the course. They’re a great value, and any marathon runner would love them.

Product Features At a Glance

  • 5 styles
  • polarized
  • 100% UV400 protection
  • Blocks UVA/UVB
  • true color/scattered light
  • TAC lens
  • light
  • comfortable
  • lifetime guarantee on frame
  • care kit included

Running Gifts for Men #2:Dolida Bluetooth Wireless Music Beanie

In my opinion, this is definitely among the best running gifts for men and women alike. I was so excited about this product when I found it because it takes the convenience of wireless ear buds to an even higher level. This beanie pulls down over your ears and wirelessly attaches to your music so you can listen to music while you run without having to worry about ear bud cords bouncing all over. I also like it because you can listen to your music, but you’ll be able to hear enough of your surroundings to stay safe. For instance, if you’re out running and a cyclist calls “left” you’ll be able to hear that where you might not be able to if you had ear buds in. Of course, this beanie is also warm, breathable, and soft since it’s made from acrylic material. If you know a guy who loves to run you really can’t go wrong with this gift.

Product Features At a Glance

  • hands free music
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • warm and breathable
  • soft
  • one size fits most
  • connects to any device with Bluetooth

Running Gifts for Men #3:Alfamo Cooling Towel

Cooling towels are important for any guy to have (or girl) because it helps your muscles recover after a long run. This super soft towel is absorbent and ventilated and comes in a water-resistant case. You can even store your cell phone in the case without worrying about it getting damaged by water. The towel has high-quality edge stitching, which means you won’t have to worry about annoying fraying. It’s 40 inches long, so you could even use it like a scarf, and it’s hyper-evaporative thanks to its breathable mesh, so you’re cooled down instantly. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the carrying pouch is antibacterial. I think it’s a great choice that most guys would love.

Product Features At a Glance

  • super soft
  • absorbent
  • ventilated
  • water-resistant case
  • high quality stitching
  • stores cell phone (case)
  • 40 inches long
  • hyper-evaporative
  • breathable mesh
  • antibacterial pouch
  • cools and helps restore muscles

Running Gifts for Men #4:Crazy Dog T-Shirts

These motivational and funny t-shirts are a great fun gift that doubles as a run gift. I love the different sayings and images that this brand of shirt has. One of my favorites is an image of a person running away from a dinosaur with the caption “Running. All you need is a little motivation.” There are plenty of shirts just like that one from Crazy Dog, and it’ll definitely make the runner in your life smile. These shirts are 100 percent cotton and hold up to a fair amount of abuse, and while they might not take you through a full marathon, they’re perfect for use as a fun training shirt.

Product Features At a Glance

  • funny sayings
  • motivational sayings
  • 100% cotton
  • really soft
  • fun gift
  • great for training runs
  • durable

Running Gifts for Men #5:FinBurst Running Belt

I love this belt for so many reasons. First of all, it’s really flexible and from what I’ve heard from the guys who use it you never feel like it’s bouncing all over. It’s really secure and stays put which is an absolute must on the course. It has an 8×12 inch weather resistant pocket which helps you protect all the items you need to carry with you like your keys, phone, an ID and/or credit card, and even your running gels and fuel. It’s adjustable, and even if you have to stretch it out to make something fit it’ll go right back into shape. Any guy who runs a lot, even if they’re not doing high mileage races, would benefit from this product because it’s convenient and leaves your hands free. However, it’s particularly useful for high mileage runners because you just don’t want to be carrying your cell phone in your hand for three hours, and this is a great place to put it. From what I hear, if you have Bluetooth ear buds they will work through the pouch. In other words, your phone can be zipped up in the pouch and the Bluetooth connectivity will still work, which is great.

Product Features At a Glance

  • flexible and secure
  • large pocket is weather resistant
  • stretches and goes back into shape easily
  • adjustable
  • doesn’t bounce around
  • holds cell phone, keys, ID/CC
  • lightweight

Our Best Pick

There are plenty of gifts available for runners, but these are the best running gifts for men. I know people who have used all of these products, and I haven’t heard anything bad about them yet. The Bluetooth beanie is my personal favorite because there’s nothing more freeing than being able to listen to music without having a cord bouncing around or worrying about losing your wireless ear buds. However, any of the gifts on this list would be a great idea for guys who love to run, so you really can’t go wrong.