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Best Running Shoes for Treadmill

Best Running Shoes for Treadmil

Finding the best treadmill shoes can be a bit overwhelming at first. Do they need to be different to regular running shoes? Should you get shoes for sprinting? Shoes for track? Or will any old running shoe do? In this article, we will be taking a look at the best running shoes for treadmill, helping you to find your perfect pair.

What to Look for in Running Shoes for Treadmill

Finding the best treadmill shoes can be a challenge, treadmill running is unlike any other form of running. It does not involve mud, snow, ice, or water, so traction is not quite as important as it would be for cross-country running (for example).

But it does still require some grip, and you’ll want a durable and firm running shoe, because most people who run on treadmills tend to do so at a faster speed than they would outside. There is no wind resistance indoors, making running easier, but that extra speed can affect the running shoe.

In this article, we will look at the best indoor running shoes, looking at the durability, stability, grip, affordability, and the value for money. We will then present the 8 best trainers for treadmill use.

We will look at a selection of the best women’s running shoes for treadmill and the best men’s running shoes for treadmill. Though, many of these shoes offer a variation for each gender, so if you’re a man and one of the women’s shoes sounds appealing, check to see if they come in men’s sizes too.

Best Running Shoes for Treadmill

This table will give you an idea of how we’ve scored all 8 of the best treadmill shoes, and how they rank against each other. All scores are out of 5, and the total score is out of 25.

Best Running Shoes for TreadmillDurabilityStabilityGripAestheticsValueTotal
ASICS Men’s Gel Venture 74454522/25 Check Price
ASICS Women’s Gel Excite 64445522/25 Check Price
Sketchers Men’s Afterburn5453522/25 Check Price
Saucony Women’s Cohesion 114544421/25 Check Price
New Balance Women’s 940 V45543421/25 Check Price
JOOMRA Men’s Supportive Running Shoes3444520/25 Check Price
Nike Women’s Revolution 5 Running Shoe5455524/25 Check Price
Nike Men’s Flex Experience 85444421/25 Check Price

As you can see, the Nike Women’s Revolution 5 is our highest scoring running shoe, while the JOOMRA Men’s running shoes are the lowest. However, there are many reasons why we have included the JOOMRA running shoes on this list. 

In the next section, we will take an in-depth look at each running shoe on this list to explain our choices and why we believe that they are the best running shoes for treadmill use. 

Best Running Shoes for Treadmill #1: ASICS Men’s Gel Venture 7

ASICS is one of the best-known running shoe manufacturers in the world, with shoes that are suited to both beginners and professionals. The ASICS Men’s Gel Venture 7 shoes provide amazing support and responsiveness while remaining surprisingly lightweight. 

The shoes are very breathable, making them ideal for running indoors during hot weather, and the grip is superb. These shoes are designed for running up and down hills and will therefore be able to handle incline and decline settings on your treadmill at any given speed. 

ASICS’ shoes are so well made, that they will last you much longer than the average running shoe, and this is reflected in their high durability score. The use of bold colours in the design make the shoes look very aesthetically pleasing, but they are not to everyone’s tastes. Some may feel that they are a little garish. 

The price point for these shoes is outstanding, particularly when you consider how durable they are, and how long they will last. Depending on foot size and availability, you can pick up a pair for an absolute steal! 

One of the best features of these shoes is their grip, they may be designed for trail running, but this translates well on the running belt. Even if your sweat begins to run on the belt, your shoes will be able to handle the increased slipperiness with ease. 

These shoes are excellent for people who plan on running long distances on their treadmill, but they are still lightweight enough to be used for HIIT or hill sprinting. A great all round pair of running shoes. 

Best Running Shoes for Treadmill #2: ASICS Women’s Gel Excite 6

Our second ASICS running shoe in a row, but this one is designed for women. The ASICS Women’s Gel Excite 6 is a much loved classic for female runners. As with the men’s Gel Venture 7s, these shoes would best be described as all-rounders. Working well for short distance sprinting, but perhaps suiting longer distances just that little bit better. 

As with the Gel Venture 7s, the price point for these shoes is a huge positive. The shoes are affordable, and thanks to their durability, will last longer than many competitors. Combining affordable prices and durability helps to make these shoes a no-brainer for anyone looking to run well without spending a fortune.

We’ve given the Gel Excite a 5 out of 5 for aesthetics, which is obviously quite subjective, but we feel that these shoes look beautiful. Exactly what you want a running shoe to look like, balancing function with fashion is always a challenge, but ASICS have got it down to a fine art. 

The grip is excellent, though not quite as impressive as the Gel Venture 7s. We haven’t put comfort as a score in this, but the Gel Excite feels like it has sacrificed a bit of stability for comfort. Making these shoes better for longer runs.  

Thanks to the excellent design, the durability, and the affordable price, the ASICS Women’s Gel Excite 6 scores very highly on our list and is a great choice for any treadmill runner. 

Best Running Shoes for Treadmill #3: Sketchers Men’s Afterburn

On first look, the Sketchers Men’s Afterburn doesn’t look like much of a running shoe, they look heavy and clunky. But looks can be deceiving. While it is certainly true that the Afterburn shoe is not ideal for sprinting, it is ideal for long distance running, and for treadmill walking.

The shoes contain a memory foam insole, and a cushioned tongue. They are therefore one of the most comfortable running shoes on this list. Thanks to their robust design, the shoes are immensely durable, provide excellent stability, and should last you a very long time. 

Their grip is perhaps the best grip of all the shoes on this list and should help you on the highest incline treadmill you can imagine. The only category where they scored poorly was in the aesthetics category. These running shoes are not pretty, they are not sleek, and they won’t do you many favours on the catwalk. 

But who cares? They’re literally running shoes for your treadmill! These shoes are comfortable, durable, and stable. They are also well priced. They would suit long distance running on a treadmill or incline walking. 

Best Running Shoes for Treadmill #4: Saucony Women’s Cohesion 11

Saucony are known for making some of the best racing shoes on the planet, so why wouldn’t they have at least one running shoe on a list of best treadmill shoes? They are reasonably priced, look amazing, feel very comfortable, and provide excellent grip and stability while you run. The shoes are also very durable and should see you through many a run.

The first thing we’ll look at is the value for money. While they are a little more expensive than ASICS shoes, they are decidedly cheaper than most Nike, Adidas, and other name brand running shoes that they compete against. 

The shoes are very breathable, with mesh covering the entirety of the upper. If you want well-ventilated feet while your run, then these shoes are a perfect fit. Like the Sketchers Afterburn shoes (see above) comfort is clearly a priority with these shoes, but Saucony have managed to keep their shoes lightweight enough despite the cushioning.

These shoes are great for medium and long distance running but would also work well with HIIT or hill sprints. They’ll last you a long time and look great too. We’d recommend these shoes to moderately experienced runners, and those who want a good all round pair of running shoes. 

Best Running Shoes for Treadmill #5: New Balance Women’s 940 V4

New Balance running shoes are known for their amazing designs, superior comfort, and excellent durability. Though they often represent the upper price range for running shoes, thanks to their superior durability and high quality we’ve ranked them quite well for value for money. The idea being that an expensive shoe that lasts twice as long as an inexpensive shoe can be more valuable overall. 

As you would imagine, the New Balance Women’s 940 V4 running shoes have scored very highly in durability and stability. They are very well made, and many users have reported the fact that these shoes outlast many other shoes they have used in the past. 

We’ve scored them low in terms of aesthetics, due to the quirky choice of colours and the rather snub-nosed shape. However, many people may absolutely adore the aesthetics of these shoes. Make your own judgements before deciding on whether you want to purchase or not. 

These shoes are very comfortable, have excellent grip, and will perform very well on a treadmill. Yes, they are expensive, but you are paying for quality and a shoe that will outlast many others. 

The New Balance Women’s 940 V4 running shoe is ideal for serious treadmill runners who want to run long distance with supreme comfort, stability, and an excellent grip on the running belt. Great for incline or decline running, and even sprints.

Best Running Shoes for Treadmill #6: JOOMRA Men’s Supportive Running Shoes

The JOOMRA running shoe is the lowest scoring running shoe on this list, so why is it here at all? Well, quite simply the JOOMRA running shoe is an absolute steal! These are by far the lowest priced running shoes on this list. 

Sure, they may not be as well made or as fashionable as the more expensive running shoes on this list. But you know what? They are comfortable, they will last you a lot longer than you might expect, and they are a fraction of the price. If you are a treadmill runner on a budget, then the JOOMRA running shoe is for you.

As you would expect, the JOOMRA gets a 5 out of 5 in our value category, but it also does well in stability, grip, and aesthetics. The shoes look surprisingly good, though the fact that they aren’t a big name label may put some off. They have a nice sleek design and colour scheme.

We scored them low in durability just based on their price and the materials used, but that’s only compared to the other shoes on this list. They are still durable, particularly if you are using them solely for treadmills. 

These shoes are perfect for beginner runners or walkers, or those who are on a budget. They are nice enough to wear outside as a fashion item, and they are so inexpensive that you don’t have to sweat the cost before purchasing. Perfect for someone who has just spent a tonne of money on a treadmill and fancies some shoes to go with it!

Best Running Shoes for Treadmill #7: Nike Women’s Revolution 5 Running Shoe

Our highest ranked running shoe on this list is the Nike Women’s Revolution 5 Running shoe. There are lots of reasons for this. It is decently priced (not JOOMRA level, but still reasonable), absolutely stunning to look at, is durable, stable, comfortable, and has really good grip.

If looked after well, this shoe should last you for years, and will perform like a dream on a treadmill. The grip will react well to the treadmill belt, allowing you to run at an incline or decline at top speed without any issues. 

The shoes are lightweight enough to be used for sprinting while providing enough stability and comfort for longer distance running. Nike have really created an excellent all round shoe here, and it will work like a dream on the treadmill. 

Best Running Shoes for Treadmill #8: Nike Men’s Flex Experience 8

The final shoe on our list is the Nike Men’s Flex Experience 8 running shoe. This is one of the most comfortable running shoes on this list, and perhaps the most durable. Whether you think that it is aesthetic or not depends on your own personal taste. We’re not sure to be honest.

The shoes are wonderfully light, allowing you to run at fast speeds and the excellent grip ensures that you can run safely at the highest incline and lowest decline settings of your treadmill. 

The Nike Men’s Flex Experience 8 running shoes have been really well constructed, using a no-sew overlay at the laces and toe tips, which will help the shoe outlast most competitors as wear and tear is minimised. 

These shoes will look superb as regular fashion items, yet they perform as well as any running shoe when on the treadmill. Add in a reasonable price and a very long shelf-life, and you’ve got yourself a great pair of running shoes. 

Final Thoughts

We’ve brought you eight of the best running shoes for treadmill use. Each one has its unique benefits, and there are choices for both men and women. If you’re on a budget, then the JOOMRA running shoes for men is obviously a good shout. If you are looking at running performance on the treadmill, then the Nike shoes or the Saucony running shoes are an excellent choice.

All of the shoes on this list are excellent value for money, they may represent very different price points, but thanks to their durability and overall quality, each shoe is an excellent investment in your running future. 

Whichever shoe you end up going with, just remember to look after them. Running on a treadmill has lots of benefits, from improving your cardio to improving your physique. Getting the most out of your treadmill can put a lot of stress on your running shoes, which is why we focused on durability for each of the eight we looked at.