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Best New Balance Running Shoes: The 2021 Guide

est New Balance Running Shoes

Did you know that New Balance as a company is more than a hundred years old? The company started as a balancing arch project, providing arch supporters to other companies. Not that only kept their name from their humble beginnings in 1906, but they also kept their priorities.

What we mean is that New Balance pride themselves for selling great shoes that fit the feet perfectly every time and adding support and balance to every step. Their running shoes are among the most famous in the world, with great athletes often wearing their logos on matches, races, tournaments, etc.

Running is a great exercise that unfortunately puts a lot of stress on our feet. This is why wearing appropriate footwear is important, especially for regular and long-distance runners. In this article, we bring you a list of the 5 best New Balance running shoes in our opinion.  

Every individual has their own unique set of features and patterns when running. That’s why there are so many types and sorts of running shoes. We have compiled a list of the best New Balance running shoes for several different occasions and situations. Here’s the breakdown:

Best New Balance Running ShoesProsConsRatingBest for
Fresh Foam 860 v11Lighter than v10
UltraHeel construction
Engineered mesh
Not as good for neutral runners4,8Stability Check Price
Fresh Foam Beacon v3Great for long runs and speed sessions
Roomy and secure upper
Softer cushioning than v2
Heavier than v2
Outsole wears a little faster
4,7Versatility Check Price
Fresh Foam 880 v11Soft and snappy midsole
Lighter than v10
Heavy for speedwork4,7Day-to-day training Check Price
Fresh Foam Hierro v6Lighter than v5
Snuggly mid-foot upper
Not great for muddy terrain4,6Trail running Check Price
Fresh Foam 1080 v11Stretchy upper
Rocker sole with great cushioning
Some can experience rubbing4,4Cushioning Check Price

Best New Balance Running Shoes #1: Fresh Foam 860 v11

Signified as the New Balance flat feet running shoes, Fresh Foam 860 v11 provides excellent stability which helps the foot stride more steadily and securely. The stability these shoes provide minimizes the waste of energy, allowing the runner to cover more distance before starting to feel tired or the legs start to feel achy. 

This comes in handy especially in the rough terrain, speedwork, and speedy running because it minimizes the risk of injuries due to bad or crooked stepping.

The New Balance stability shoes women are awarded the best stability shoes for women on numerous occasions and for a good reason. The design and the materials for these shoes are products of long-term efforts to provide a balanced step while minimizing the take-outs stability shoes usually have, like clunky underfoot, heavy footwear, etc.

The shoes can help moderate overpronators find balance in their strides. The Fresh Foam midsole allows for more cushioning while feeling lighter, and the flared collar around the ankles brings more comfort to the wearer while fitting the foot better and more securely.

There is also the so-called UltraHeel construction aids further with the grip and the fit of the heel allowing for more stable stepping while the foam under it absorbs most of the shock, keeping your feet safe from stress.

All this combines into a great shoe that provides a soft ride while maintaining responsiveness and a firm grip on the ground. 


  • Lighter than v10
  • UltraHeel construction
  • Engineered mesh


  • Not as good for neutral runners

Best New Balance Running Shoes #2: Fresh Foam Beacon v3

Fresh Foam allows for great shock absorption and springiness, as well as customization of particular products for particular purposes. If you need the best New Balance running shoes for all kinds of occasions and the most versatile use, you can check Fresh Foam Beacon v3 running shoes.

The Fresh Foam Beacon running shoes are designed so that they can cover all kinds of activities neatly. What allows this is the unique Fresh Foam technology that is installed in the sole of every Beacon v3 shoe. This gel-like substance is a product of years of material engineering. This research resulted in a very light material that efficiently and evenly absorbs the shock the feet take on themselves every time they touch the ground. This shock is absorbed quickly throughout the material so most of the energy is diverted from your feet.

Yet this energy doesn’t go into thin air. On the contrary, the material allows for springy response and great energy return, allowing you to perform better. So, whether you are doing speed work or a marathon, you can be sure these running shoes have got you covered.


  • Great for long runs and speed sessions
  • Roomy and secure upper
  • Softer cushioning than v2


  • Heavier than v2
  • Outsole wears a little faster

Best New Balance Running Shoes #3: Fresh Foam 880 v11

If you are looking for a good New Balance overpronation correction shoe, 880 v11 is a good alternative. Fresh Foam 880 11 is the eleventh iteration of their already famous 880’s. They are usually recommended as everyday training shoes, and we stand behind this recommendation.

An important factor in running shoes is to have good breathability. The upper mesh fabric is engineered in a way that checks as many boxes in one hit. It is flexible enough to naturally follow your motion, it doesn’t overlap and cut into the skin even when the shoe is really bent.

Secondly, it is firm and elastic enough to keep your upper foot in place and it prevents wiggling. The shoe will always follow the foot no matter what it does.

Finally, we’ve mentioned breathability. The mesh fabric on the upper provides amazing ventilation and moisture evacuation throughout long training sessions, and the shoes are machine washable for your convenience.

Other than the jacquard mesh on the upper, the whole shoe is built to endure heavy-duty training for a long time. This includes the rubber outsole which firmly grips the ground providing enough traction to keep you grounded, and what’s often missing with shoes for everyday training, the rubber doesn’t wear as much.


  • Soft and snappy midsole
  • Lighter than v10


  • Heavy for speedwork

Best New Balance Running Shoes #4: Fresh Foam Hierro v6

This is another award-winning running shoe with a really cool name. It’s also one of the flagships of New Balance. The grip is the keyword with hierro, and this is provided by the original Vibram outsole coating. Vibram is durable and adheres to the ground in a specific way so the feet always stay firmly on the ground without slipping and sliding. This accounts for wet surfaces as well.

An alternative for New Balance shoes for flat feet, Hierro has a great midsole that absorbs shock from running well. Some notice that it lacks rock-sole and that’s a good point in our opinion. This is a piece of information to have in mind for any of you who don’t prefer rock-sole in their running shoes. Though thinner than typical rock plates, the sole naturally adjusts to the bumps and cushions shock very well.

The upper is laser-cut providing perforations through which the skin can breathe more naturally, evacuating excess moisture. TPU-thread weaves amazingly balance the firmness and flexibility of the upper for added support as well as protection.

The under-sole is designed for amazing grip on rough terrain including sand, dirt, and rocky ground. The pattern doesn’t fit well with mud though, since the mud particles easily fill in the gaps.


  • Lighter than v5
  • Snuggly mid-foot upper


  • Not great for muddy terrain

Best New Balance Running Shoes #5: Fresh Foam 1080 v11

If you are looking for a pair of New Balance lightweight running shoes, have in mind that the Fresh Foam 1080 v11 running shoes are among the lightest running shoes on the market. This makes them the best new balance running shoes according to lightweight shoe enthusiasts.

They provide an excellent plushy feeling while wearing and using them. The design and the materials smartly avoid the mushy feeling many other shoes in this category create. There is a major change in comparison to the 9th iteration, given the v10 brought a revised upper that provided a better fit for those with wider feet.

The energy return is high in the sole which gives the springy, bouncy feeling while running, especially on flat hard surfaces, like concrete or asphalt. The cushioning is also great in the sense that the feet don’t feel stressed and sore even after long-running sessions.


  • Stretchy upper
  • Rocker sole with great cushioning


  •  Some can experience rubbing


That was our list of the best New Balance running shoes. In our opinion, the New Balance Fresh Foam 860 v11 is the perfect stability shoe for everyone’s overpronation in gait and stride. The shoes fix our natural stepping patterns to allow for more comfort, stability, and energy saving. Not to mention the reduction in risks of injuries and long-term wear of our feet and ankles.