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5 Running Gift Ideas for Women

Gifts for runners women

Runners are all about their gear, but we love to have fun, too. When you’re shopping for running gives for the women in your life, make sure to include as much “fun gear” as you do run gear. If you’re not a runner, you’re probably overwhelmed by all the choices available when it comes to running gifts. As a woman and a runner, I know what I would love to get as a gift, so I’ve compiled a list of the five best running gifts for women. Use this list as a springboard to start your shopping and spark your inspiration.

Running Gifts for Women #1:Inspirational Athletic Running Socks by Gone For a RUN

These socks come in 18 colors, each of which has a different phrase. They’re affordable and made from 80 percent ultra-spun fabric, 15 percent nylon, and 5 percent spandex. That’s great because it means they’ll be soft, flexible, and cool. They offer arch compression which helps your foot stay stable and can also help you avoid cramps. They even have antibacterial properties along with being ventilated and moisture-wicking, both of which help you avoid fungal foot infections and other uncomfortable conditions that can occur while running. One size fits most feet. My personal favorite is the style in pink that says “She believed she could, so she did.” I have a pair of these, and they’ve lasted pretty well over the course of several long runs so far. They’re great at keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

Product Features At a Glance

  • 18 colors
  • different motivational phrases
  • affordable
  • moisture-wicking
  • antibacterial
  • soft and stays in place
  • arch support
  • ventilated
  • comfortable

Running Gifts for Women #2:Suddora Multi-Colored Zipper Sweatband Wristband

You’d be surprised how much your wrists sweat when you’re running. It’s one of those weird places that can become quite uncomfortable. You’d also be amazed how hard it is to carry small items on a run. Most of us don’t like to have bulky backpacks or things bouncing around in our pockets when we run, so having a place to put your key, an ID card, and a credit card is really helpful. This zipper sweatband wristband is awesome because it has zipper pockets to store those small items, and it’s made of cotton which means it’s strong but soft and not itchy. You can wear it on your ankle, too, if you prefer. It comes in ten colors, and it’s so affordable you could buy more than one to wear with different outfits. I’ve personally used this product, and while it can get a little hot towards the end of long runs, it’s still a great thing to have and perfect for keeping small valuables out of the way and safe.

Product Features At a Glance

  • multiple colors
  • carries small items
  • zipper pouch
  • secure
  • strong
  • soft, not itchy
  • can wear on ankle
  • comfortable

Running Gifts for Women #3:Trail Heads Women’s Ponytail Headband

In the category of “things you might not think about if you’re not a runner” is how annoying a ponytail can be out on the course. It’s okay for the first couple of miles, but a ponytail bouncing all over the place is one of those little annoyances that can start to drive you crazy towards the end of a long race. Trail Heads is a great brand that makes some of the best running gifts for women, and this headband is one of my favorite Trail Heads products. It’s easy to wear, super secure, has a nice, contour fit, and it comes in 13 great colors. It has one layer of fleece, so it’s warm, but it’s also breathable. Most importantly, it doesn’t become itchy or constricting after prolonged wear, and it keeps that ponytail in its place. I recommend using this product with their leggings/pants and gloves. All three would make a nice gift package.

Product Features At a Glance

  • secure hold
  • comfortable
  • doesn’t start to itch
  • 13 great colors
  • contour fit
  • warm but breathable

Running Gifts for Women #4:Higo LED Slap Armband

Running at night poses a lot of safety concerns, and it’s not always possible to wear reflective gear. That’s where these Higo LED slap armbands come into play. They’re really easy to use, you just slap them on and go. They’re secure, they come in six beautiful colors, and you can wear them on just about anything from your arm to your leg and even in your hair as a ponytail holder. I love the fact that they’re eco-friendly and that their lithium coin batteries last for 50-70 hours before you have to replace them. I have two, and I love to wear them when I’m running at night as well as when I do glow runs. They’re super affordable, so you could include them in a package with a couple of other gifts, too, if you wanted to go that route.

Product Features At a Glance

  • secure
  • six great colors
  • slap and go
  • can wear in many places
  • lithium coin batteries
  • 50-70 hour battery life
  • eco-friendly
  • affordable
  • safety for night runs

Running Gifts for Women #5:AONIJIE Premium Reflective Vest

This vest is amazing because it provides storage and hydration in an easy-to-wear vest. With this vest, you don’t have to carry water bottles and strap on belts or other gear, you can just throw the vest on, secure it, and run. I love that the bladder is BPA free, so there’s no weird chemical tastes like some hydration vests give you, and it has a large mouth so you can easily fill it and wash it. The bladder can withstand water from 32 degrees to 104 degrees, so if you’re running in the cold, you could even fill it with warm or hot water, which is helpful. It has five pockets and hooks with shoulder and waist straps that stay comfortable and secure for a long time. Some hydration vests start to bounce around or feel like you’re wearing a small anima after awhile, but I’ve run with this one up to 14 miles and it’s very comfortable. It even hooks in place with a clip so it doesn’t bounce around. I think it’s a bit of overkill for your 5K and 10K runners, but for half marathons and certainly for marathons and longer I won’t leave home without it. A final perk of this product is that you don’t have to suck the water out, it’s free flowing, which might sound trite, but when you’re 13 miles in it makes a big difference.

Product Features At a Glance

  • secure
  • easy to wear
  • storage and hydration
  • can hold water from 32 to 104 degrees
  • clips on so it doesn’t bounce
  • free flowing water
  • doesn’t rub or become uncomfortable
  • keeps hands free

Those are my top five picks of some of the best running gifts for women, but don’t stop there. Use this list to help inspire you to keep shopping. There are some great, fun running gifts like mugs and t-shirts. One of my favorites is a t-shirt that says “If you can read this, I’m not last” on the back. Keeping a sense of humor while running is important, especially once you start to pile on the miles, so find some fun gifts to pair with a couple of items from the suggestions above and you’ll have yourself an awesome gift for the women runners in your life.