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The 4 Best Cross Trainers for Women

Best Cross Trainers for Women

Finding the ideal cross trainer can be a challenging experience, particularly when there are so much to choose from. In this article, we will be looking at some of the best cross trainers for women. We will also explore what makes an effective cross trainer, and why some cross trainers will suit both sexes equally. 

Do Women Need a Specific Cross Trainer?

There are certainly physiological differences between men and women. Men are naturally stronger and more powerful, and as such all of the fastest runs, cycles, and swims have been performed by men. 

However, when it comes to untrained people (anyone who hasn’t exercised regularly for the past 6 months), the differences are negligible. Particularly when it comes to cardiovascular exercise. At this level, it comes down more to the individual in question. Many women who are starting out may find running (or cross training) easier than their male counterparts.

Picking a cross trainer based on strength and power capability therefore makes less sense. There may also be a temptation to split men and women into their historic gender roles. We could talk about cross trainers that take up less space in the home, as this is something that only women would care about. 

What Do Women Want From A Cross Trainer?

  • Good value for money – is the cross trainer a good long term investment? Or is it a very good price for something that you only need for the short term? 
  • Durable – Will your cross trainer feel safe and comfortable while you are using it? Can it handle you training at a high intensity? Will it survive the wear and tear of use over the years?
  • Noise – How loud is the cross trainer when it is being used? Male or female, noise pollution can be a big concern. Whether you are in a large spacious house with no neighbours, or you live in a small apartment with paper thin walls. Finding a cross trainer that can perform at a high intensity while making minimal noise is always important.
  • Portability – One thing that women may be slightly more interested in than men is how easily the cross trainer can be moved. As men tend to be naturally stronger than most women, they may not worry so much. But how easily you can move a large cross trainer can be very important. 
  • Size – How large is the cross trainer? Does it take up a lot of space? This also affects portability (see above). Again, this isn’t an issue that only affects women. But a smaller cross trainer is easier to move and will suit shorter people.

In this article, we will take a look at four of the best cross trainers for women. If you are a man reading this then fear not, you will still be able to use the cross trainer for yourself. They are a mostly asexual piece of fitness equipment!

Best Cross Trainers for WomenValueDurabilityNoisePortabilitySizeTotal
SNODE Elliptical Trainer4444319/25 Check Price
Bluefin Fitness Curve 2.04454522/25 Check Price
Aceshin Elliptical Machine5445523/25 Check Price
Body Power 2-in-1 Elliptical Stepper4545523/25 Check Price

As you can see, all four cross trainers on this list perform well in all criteria (except for the SNODE which only scores 3/5 for size). We will now take an in-depth look at each one of these cross trainers to help you decide which one suits your needs best. 

Best Cross Trainers for Women #1: SNODE E16 Elliptical Trainer

SNODE is a great fitness equipment company who sell well-priced and durable machines. And their cross trainer is no exception. Compared to many cross trainers, the SNODE E16 is highly durable, with a maximum user weight capacity of 265lbs (many cross trainers have a max of 220lbs). 

It uses a 3 PC crank, which will help increase durability, and allow you to train at a higher intensity for longer without seeing any wear and tear to the machine. The frame is well designed, and considering the price, this cross trainer is amazingly well built. 

There are 8 resistance levels, and they are easily changed to suit your needs. We’ve scored the SNODE low for size, but there is a caveat to this. While the SNODE is very tall compared to other models, its length and width are actually quite small. If your space concerns are surrounding width or length, then you’ll be perfectly happy with this design. 

The digital display monitor is well designed if a little dull. With a large, clear screen, that can be easily read. There are well placed pulse sensors which do an excellent job of reading your heart rate. The cross trainer is fairly easy to move around, even considering its size. 

Overall, the SNODE E16 is an excellent cross trainer for any woman. A well-priced, aesthetically pleasing, and durable cross trainer, that creates little noise even when in constant use. 

Best Cross Trainers for Women #2: Bluefin Fitness Curve 2.0

While the Bluefin Fitness Curve 2.0 is by no means a beautiful looking machine, it works well, provides an excellent workout, and is very durable. The LCD display is particularly impressive, and much larger than is standard for cross trainers. 

The Bluefin Fitness Curve 2.0 uses a 12kg flywheel, which allows you to train at a high intensity for a long time without any issue. It massively increases the durability of the cross trainer and contributes to the high noise score of 5/5. If you are looking for a quiet cross trainer, then the Curve 2.0 could be the right choice for you. 

The cross trainer offers 12 automatic training programs built into its software as well as 24 manual levels of resistance. Meaning that you have almost unlimited scope to create training programs that suit your needs. Fancy a long walk at a gentle intensity? Or a short, intense, sprint? The possibilities are endless. 

Thanks to the design of the footpads, and the smooth motion of the flywheel, the Bluefin Fitness Curve 2.0 is an incredibly low-impact machine. It is also very quiet, easy to move, and takes up little space. This is a superb cross trainer that will suit most budgets and requirements. 

Best Cross Trainers for Women #3: Aceshin Elliptical Machine

What’s great about the Aceshin Elliptical Machine is how budget-friendly it is. This is an extremely well-priced cross trainer, and one that is excellent value for money. In fact, it scores a 5/5 for value in our table. 

But not only is it excellent value for money, the cross trainer scores highly in durability, portability, and size. It is also one of the quietest models on this list (only beaten by Bluefin Fitness Curve 2.0). It’s small in size and will not take up much space in your home, it is also nice and easy to move around. Perfect if you want to store it out of the way when it’s not in use. 

Of course, it is not going to be as durable as some of the higher priced models on this list. But that does not mean that it is easily damaged. It just means that it may be better suited to a shorter term investment. If you are new to exercising and aren’t sure whether you want to invest a lot of money on a cross trainer, then this is the perfect starter machine. 

Best Cross Trainers for Women #4: Body Power 2-in-1 Elliptical Stepper Trainer

While it has an identical score to the Aceshin Elliptical Machine, the Body Power 2-in-1 Elliptical Stepper Trainer is by far the best cross trainer on this list, and perfect for women. We think that it is fair to say that step machines are vastly more popular with women than men, and this machine combines both stepper and cross trainer in one.

The machine is slimline, taking up very little space whether it is in use or not. It looks amazing, with that spin bike studio aesthetic, and it is as easy to transport as a spin bike. The LCD display is very simple to use, if a little boring. But it does all the things you want it to, and all the buttons and the resistance knob are near each other for ease of use.

The ability to switch between stepper and cross trainer will allow you to perform varying intensity workouts easily, and you can really enjoy each session thanks to the huge variety of training programs that this offers. 

Overall, the Body Power 2-in-1 Elliptical Stepper Trainer is the best cross trainer for women, or for men, or anyone really! It’s amazing value for money, very durable, easy to store and move, and nice and quiet while in use. Everything that you could ask for a cross trainer.