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Best Folding Exercise Bike

Best Folding Exercise Bike 2

Exercise bikes are great cardio machines and provide many benefits. If you are looking to burn fat, improve your cardiovascular fitness, and de-stress from a hard day, then an exercise bike is ideal. But not everyone lives in a home large enough to own one of the large exercise bikes that are available. Which is why the foldable exercise bike is becoming more and more popular. In this article we will be taking a look at the best folding exercise bike that is available to buy.

What to Look for in a Folding Exercise Bike?

There are several different folding exercise bikes out there, but not all of them are worthy of this list. The ability to fold cannot be the only criteria. You want a bike that is durable, that will last you for years. You want a bike that represents good value for money, and one that is comfortable to ride. You may also want a bike that is easy to install, rather than one that takes 5 hours and a degree in Engineering to assemble. 

  • Value – Value for money is a great factor to consider when searching for the best folding exercise bike. It’s not about finding the cheapest bike available; it’s about finding a bike that represents a good long-term investment. Often, the best quality bikes tend to also be the most expensive, but that doesn’t mean that a bigger price tag is always justified. In this review, we will assess how well priced the bike is, and whether that price is fair or even advantageous to the customer.
  • Durability – How strong and stable is this bike? How long will it last you? Can it handle you cycling at a high intensity for a sustained period of time? These questions are very important. If your “absolute bargain” exercise bike doesn’t last you six weeks, then it isn’t much of a bargain! If a really expensive bike lasts you 20 years, and performs like a dream, then that’s a great investment.
  • Comfort – Folding exercise bikes are usually bought for their space-saving potential, but how comfortable are they? An uncomfortable bike is a bad investment, even if it ticks every other box, because a lack of comfort will stop you from using it. It doesn’t take much to make a bike comfortable, a well-made seat, well-placed handles, and a decent length between the seat and the pedals (so you don’t feel cramped). 
  • Installation – How easy is it to set up straight out of the box? Can you build it alone? Or did it need another person? Were the instructions clear? Did all the parts arrive? These questions are all important, as a hard-to-install exercise bike can be an absolute nightmare for the customer.

These are the four criteria that we will assess each bike on (as well as its ability to fold). We will score each factor out of five, with a total score of twenty. Once we have ranked the foldable exercise bikes in our rankings table, we will then go into detail about each bike to give you a more in-depth look.

Comparison Table

Best Folding Exercise BikeValueDurabilityComfortInstallationTotal
PooBoo Folding Exercise Bike443415/20 Check Price
Exerpeutic Folding Upright Exercise Bike444416/20 Check Price
XTERRA Fitness FB350 Folding Bike444517/20 Check Price
Lanos Folding Exercise Bike445417/20 Check Price
ADVENOR Exercise Bike545418/20 Check Price

As you can see, the ADVENOR exercise bike wins the top spot on our list, but there isn’t much difference between the five bikes. All of the bikes are similar prices, similar designs, and the main differences occur when it comes to comfort or installation. We are now going to look at each bike individually, to help you get a better idea of which bike is best for you. 

Folding Exercise Bike #1: PooBoo Folding Exercise Bike

The PooBoo folding exercise bike is perhaps the most striking machine on this list, with a beautiful red and black colour scheme. The bike is sort of an all-round workout, as it provides dumbbells and a set of resistance bands to help workout your upper body. 

We’ve scored it just 3/5 for comfort, this is mainly due to the seat being a little small for some people. If you are small in size, then you may find it a lot more comfortable, but tall or overweight people might struggle on longer rides.

Its durability is decent for a folding bike, with a stable platform and the ability to cycle hard without any issue. However, it only has a max user weight capacity of 200 lbs. That being said, this feels like an overly conservative estimate, a 250 lb person would probably be able to use the bike safely. 

For such a low price, this is an excellent folding exercise bike, that takes up very little space when not in use. The arm resistance bands and dumbbells are a nice distraction, but neither offer enough resistance for strong women or for any man. If anything, they are more of a distraction. Still, as an exercise bike, this is a good product. 

Folding Exercise Bike #2: Exerpeutic Folding Upright Bike

The Exerpeutic folding upright bike is a neat little product. It’s relatively inexpensive, well made, and folds away nicely after use. With a max user weight capacity of 300 lbs, the Exerpeutic folding upright bike is highly durable, and provided you use it sensibly, you can expect to get years of use out of it, making it excellent value for money.

Installation is a breeze, with very little time spent building, and simple to follow instructions. We’ve scored it high in comfort, because of the extra padding that the seat offers compared to other folding exercise bikes. But again, it may feel less comfortable for larger people, or over longer distances. 

Overall, this is a really well-designed exercise bike, that folds up nicely, takes up little space, and is easy to transport. It also happens to be highly durable, and to offer a decent workout. Well worth the price, and good value for money.

Folding Exercise Bike #3: XTERRA Fitness FB350 Folding Bike

This is such a great compact, foldable exercise bike. Perfect for small spaces and busy homes. Considering the price, it is incredibly well put together, and is therefore excellent value for money. There are lots of features that we really like. It’s whisper quiet, is amazingly stable when in use, and thanks to the design, it should last you years.

The seat is very comfortable, and well placed so that both tall and short people can use it without suffering any discomfort. The monitor is very basic but does everything you need it to. The handles offer some pretty effective heart rate monitors helping you to gauge how hard you are working and to help with fat burning. 

Installation is simple, and you should expect it to be finished within 20 minutes if you’re organised. Overall, this is a high performing foldable exercise bike, and is well worth the money. It takes up very little space when in use and when it is being folded away between uses, and you should get a good workout out of it. 

Folding Exercise Bike #4: Lanos Folding Exercise Bike

The Lanos folding exercise bike is almost identical to the XTERRAS fitness bike in pretty much every way, but it has a slightly more comfortable seat, and takes a little bit longer to install. You could realistically pick either bike and you would experience the same workout, but if you like a little more comfort on your rides this could well be the bike for you. 

The monitor is a little nicer than the XTERRA’s, but the handles, the frame, and the handle placement are identical. Everything that we liked about the XTERRA is basically present in the Lanos. Just pick which one you prefer, and you should be very happy with your purchase. A durable, well-made, effective exercise bike that folds away nicely when not in use. 

Folding Exercise Bike #5: ADVENOR Exercise Bike

The final bike on our list is a combination of the Lanos/Xterra bikes and the PooBoo bike we mentioned first. It shares a similar frame to the Lanos/Xterra bikes, with a similar seat to the Lanos. The handles and monitor are also similar. 

What makes it similar to the PooBoo exercise bike is the implementation of upper body resistance bands that are attached to the bike, allowing you a full body workout. This is a very comfortable exercise bike, which takes up very little space when in use or when folded away. It is durable, with a max user weight capacity of 280 lbs, and 8 levels of resistance.It’s easy to install and should only take you 20-30 minutes from opening the box to riding your bike. The resistance bands are okay but nothing special. Just a nice little bonus. Overall this is a really good foldable exercise bike and worthy of topping our rankings table.