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Top 5 Best Double Jogging Strollers In 2021: These Are The Ones To Buy

Top 5 Best Double Jogging Strollers

The time has come to show the two of your favorite persons the places around, and to start developing some good habits by example. Whether you have twins or siblings of approximately the same age that have a need for speed, jogging strollers might be the answer for you. They will help you and your loved ones be together while exercising, using the time to strengthen the parent-children bonds.

In this article, we will discuss the best double jogging strollers you can find on the market. The five options included will provide enough difference in features to suit your specific needs, so feel free to check them all out. If you can’t wait to start running, don’t worry, we got you covered – the first on the list is by tradition – the best overall!

Top 5 Double Jogging Strollers

Check the comparison table to see which features define the best double jogging stroller for you. The market is big yet we’ve managed to compile this list with the best ones out there and we are sure you will find something you want among them. 

Top 5 Best Double Jogging Strollers in 2021WeightFeaturesScore
Bob Revolution Pro Duallie Jogging Stroller36 lbsHand brake, Adjustable handlebar, Roomy seats, plenty of storage space4,91 Check Price
Phil & Teds Dot V Stroller26 lbsNarrow, compact, one-hand fold, lightweight4,72 Check Price
Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger30.6 lbsBudget-friendly, maneuverable, safety wrist strap, great storage4,81 Check Price
Thule Urban Glide 2.0 Double Jogging Stroller32.1 lbsGreat maneuverability, easy to push, high quality, good storage4,90 Check Price
Clevr 3in1 Double Bicycle Trailer/Jogging Stroller37 lbsStroller & trailer, amazing storage, good protection against elements4,67 Check Price

Follow us in the breakdown of individual products.

Double Jogging Stroller #1: Bob Revolution Pro Duallie Jogging Stroller

Durable, spacious, seamless over rough surfaces. These are the key features that define our pick for the best double jogging stroller – Bob Revolution Pro Duallie. 

The durability comes from the suspension system which along with air-filled front wheels absorb most bumps over uneven terrain, making it great for a seamless ride and little to no effort for the jogging parent. The pivoted front wheel can be unlocked which makes turning and navigation easy.

BR Pro Duallie has two large separate canopies for both seats. They have a UPF 50 factor and they widely cover the seat allowing protection from the sides. They can be pulled deeply over the children’s heads completely protecting their upper body from the sun.

There are two large peek-a-boo windows on both canopies for more interaction and easy check-out on the kids.

The storage space for two kids needs to be large, and Revolution Pro meets the requirements. There is a large undercarriage area and two back pockets behind each seat. We guess that you will more likely be looking for more stuff to put in the stroller’s storage than looking for space in the storage for more stuff. The children will do so as well as there are four mesh pockets placed in the seats for their convenience.


  • Two-brake system – wheel brakes and handlebar brake
  • Large storage space, adjustable handlebar
  • Excellent suspension, air-filled wheels
  • Lockable front wheel
  • Great safety features


  • No automatic lock
  • Bulky
  • No accessories included

Double Jogging Stroller #2: Phil & Teds Voyager Stroller

This is a great option for those that already have a child and are expecting. This Phil & Teds stroller allows for the option of adding a rear seat for a younger child. This way the larger of the children can use the front seat while the smaller, usually an infant, can use the back seat.

The product is quite compact and the narrowest of the options we presented. This makes it the best jogging stroller for narrow spaces. It has an unlockable front wheel so steering is super-easy. All three wheels are large and can handle rough terrain reasonably well, though the lack of suspension takes up a few points.

The folding system is easy and can be done with one hand. Weighing only 26 pounds it can be carried rather easily and there shouldn’t be any problems in the car trunk with them. They take up much less space than others.

This stroller has a parking brake with a one-foot push, located between the rear wheels. Five-point safety harness fits snuggly and secures the child, neatly and well-designed.

The front seat is interesting because it can be reclined completely flat. Many parents see this as an advantage especially when the little ones need nap time.


  • Compact, lightweight
  • One-hand fold
  • Large detachable canopy
  • Safety wrist strap
  • Seat reclines to completely flat


  • No suspension system
  • Less storage space

Double Jogging Stroller #3: Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger

Babies take money away, we know. Though they are the sunshine of our lives, they are at the same time financial black holes. Thankfully, there are some awesome bangs for the buck on the market, and the crowning champion among the affordables is the Baby Trend Expedition double jogger. 

Though the price is significantly smaller than other products on the list, the Expedition double jogger is sturdy enough to withstand occasional jogging on flat surfaces. We have to be honest, there can be some wear and tear if it’s run over rougher terrain once too often. A flat surface with not many bumps and crevices to run over is more than fine.

The Expedition model has an exceptionally large storage space. There is an undercarriage that is a little tough to reach, but it extends to two large behind-the-seats pockets. The best thing is that it comes with two cup holders as well as a covered tray for small storage, like baby wipes and keys.

When it reaches your home, it is quite easy to assemble and you can start using it in an instant. It usually takes only ten to fifteen minutes to assemble it, and the process is pretty intuitive. 

A single large canopy is placed over the two seats, and it can protect the children’s torso from the sun. The sun protection on the top can be taken off to reveal two large windows through which you can check on your kids.


  • Large storage space
  • Safety wrist strap
  • Parent cup holders
  • Huge single canopy
  • Easy assembly


  • Not as upright
  • Wrist strap is smaller than expected
  • Under-seat compartments not as convenient

Double Jogging Stroller #4: Thule Urban Glide 2.0 Double Jogging Stroller

What comes to mind when we think Urban Glide 2.0 Double is – quality. It’s made of quality materials to last and endure what you put in front of it. This especially goes to the lockable swiveling front wheel and the two large back wheels. A friendly recommendation we can make to the company is to consider adding suspension to make it probably the best double jogging stroller on the market.

The materials used in manufacturing this product also make it ultra-lightweight, one of the lightest on our list, and the market as a whole. This is enhanced with a compact and easy fold which, to be honest, is a little longer than we’d expected.

The length when folded and otherwise aside, the stroller is always compact making it an easy choice for crowded and chaotic urban areas. The stroller is quite easy to push (you’d be surprised), the front wheel listens promptly when turning, and there is a hand brake for emergencies. The handlebar is adjustable which customizes it to most heights, though it is limited to 9 different positions.

The seats are crowned with two very cool-looking canopies that protect the children from the sun. There are also two peek-a-boo windows. Under the seats, there is a spacious undercarriage and two backseat pockets.


  • Very smooth ride, easy to push, easy to turn
  • Quality materials
  • Good for tight crowded spaces
  • Great canopy


  • A bit expensive
  • Limited handlebar adjustability
  • Seats are not as deep as other models

Double Jogging Stroller #5: Clevr 3in1 Deluxe Double Bicycle Trailer/Jogging Stroller

If you need a convertible version, Clevr 3in1 is the one you’d go to. It can be used as a trailer for bikes as well as a stroller/jogger.

This double stroller folds effortlessly and when folded it doesn’t take up much space. You can easily convert it into a bike trailer. All you have to do is to remove the front wheel and add the bike hitch that is included in the product.

This double stroller is made of quality materials that offer a sturdy and durable structure all the while allows for a comfortable ride and easy push. The canopy protects from the sun and elements, and the mesh pockets provide sufficient ventilation for the little ones.

Safety was a priority when designing this product so you will find reflective strips that improve the stroller’s visibility.

Finally, cargo space is something to look forward to.  


  • Great cargo space
  • Comfortable
  • Well-made
  • Versatile


  • Assembly could be easier
  • Bulky and a bit heavy


There you have it, our list of best jogging strollers for two. In summary, we believe that Bob Revolution Pro Duallie jogging stroller is the best double jogging stroller. The durability, convenience, ease of use are only some of the features that cover Duallie. What we liked the most is suspension and storage space which is more than enough for either a jogging session or a long picnic in nature.