sprinting shoes without spikes
Are you searching for the best running shoes without spikes? Don't miss our tips and recommendations. Read now and shop the best shoes for you!

Best Sprinting Shoes Without Spikes

Nike shoes for flat feet
Having flat feet, or fallen arches has often been seen as an excuse for not running. But not anymore! See our recommendation of the best Nike running shoes for you!

Best Nike Running Shoes For Flat Feet

If you are starting out with running there are a million different pieces of advice you could follow, but one of the most hotly debated issues is whether to use a treadmill or run outside, they both have their advantages but which one suits you?

Which Is Better: Treadmill or Running Outside?

running shoes
Whilst most amateur runners focus on 10k races, half marathons, and marathons as their goal, and Crossfitters concentrate on 100-200m sprints, there are still a lot of people who enjoy the middle distance races. You’ve got your 800m, 1500m, and your 5k races that are all performed on the running […]

Top Middle Distance Track Shoes To Choose From

sprinting-long distance running
Find out which is better for you sprinting or running, which is more effective for weight loss. You might be surprised by the results.

Sprinting vs Long Distance Running

Marathon record
The marathon race was first competed in 1896, during the first Olympics. But what are the best times at different marathon races? Men, women, Olympics record.

A Brief History of The Marathon Record