Best Long Distance Track Shoes

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Long distance track shoes are often used for the 5,000m and 10,000m races, these are the longest distance races that are performed on a track with spiked shoes. Longer distances such as half marathons are performed on roads or cross country, where spikes would be disadvantageous. So when we talk about the best long distance track shoes, be aware that these are the distances that we are talking about.

Long distance track shoes differ from sprinters track shoes in that they are less flexible and use a stiffer spike plate, this is due to the increased pressure placed on them during the highly intense sprint. The sprint track shoe is designed for running up on your toes and therefore has no cushioning around the heel, whereas a track shoe designed for longer distances will place more emphasis on comfort particularly around the heel.

There is some debate as to whether long distance races require spikes or not, with many racers opting for flats. At distances above 5,000m it comes down to personal preference, but remember that spikes aren’t about how far you run, but how fast. If you are a faster runner, then spikes may be a better idea – as they can handle the force placed through them better.

In this guide we will be taking a look at five of the best long distance track shoes that are available to buy at the moment. We will compare durability price, style, and we will mention which long distance race that they suit.

NameDurabilityDistance Price StyleTotal
Puma Evospeed Star V4 Sneaker

Adidas Performance Men’s Distancestar Running Shoe

Nike Men’s Zoom Rival S 8 Track Spike

Saucony Men’s Endorphin Track Spike Racing Shoe

Asics Men’s Cosmoracer LD Track Shoe


Best Long Distance Track Shoes #1: Puma Evospeed Star V4 Sneaker

The first shoe we are going to look at is the Evospeed Star V4 Sneaker, this is not specifically a long distance running shoe, but it is an all-round shoe. Designed to work for sprinting, hurdling, and also the longer distance races. This is great for anyone who participates in multiple events, but it will also be great for longer distance runners, as it will still have the cushioning round the heel. This is a nice, inexpensive, all-round shoe that would really suit multiple-distance racers.

The upper is lightweight and breathable and no stitching around it, the interior is soft and again uses a breathable mesh, the shoe is very light with a rubber heel and six spikes around the toes.

Best Long Distance Track Shoes #2: Adidas Performance Men’s Distancestar Running Shoe

This is a really good long distance track shoe, perfect for 5,000 or 10,000m races. Adidas have placed a lot of emphasis on comfort, with extra padding in the midsole and heel. The toecap is seamless which increases the durability. There are five spikes at the front of the shoe, but they are removable, so if you wanted to run the 10,000m in flats that would be an option.

Aesthetically the shoes are okay, not great to look at – which is unusual for Adidas, but let’s face it, if you were worrying about aesthetics you’d be wearing flats! The extra comfort that the shoes provide will more than make up for their looks. Particularly around the mid sole. These shoes are made to last, and their durability is impressive. The heel is quite thick for running spikes, but that will really suit the 10km racer. Definitely worth trying.

Best Long Distance Track Shoes #3: Nike Men’s Zoom Rival S 8 Track Spike

This set of track spikes from Nike is something really special, they are actually designed for shorter distances or middle distances. But, they are such good shoes that they can still benefit a longer distance runner. The spikes are removable as well, which makes them usable for 10km races, or even road racing.

They are quite flexible, which is definitely a benefit for those runners who want to race longer distances. The heel of the shoes are rounded which will fit the foot really well, and there are seven removable spikes at the front of the shoe which will help you to accelerate when needed. The shoes have a single layer mesh which really increases the ventilation.

What’s interesting is that the spike plate extends all the way down to mid foot, which is further back than most shoes bother with. This is to help increase support and rigidity, and is another example of these shoes being great for longer distances. Sprinters would be unaffected as they are running up on their toes, but a middle/long distance runner would appreciate this support.

Best Long Distance Track Shoes #4: Saucony Men’s Endorphin Track Spike Racing Shoe

These are great for a fast 5km race, but can also be used for a 10k. They are definitely designed for faster runners – and are described as multi-event spikes by Saucony. The shoes have a great spike plate, with four spikes around the front. The heel is flat with a small cushion, it would be a little light for running longer distances than 10k, but the reduced weight will really help you run faster during 5k races.

Saucony are a really respected sprint shoe maker, and these more versatile – longer distance shoes will really be enjoyed by anyone looking to run fast times during a 5 or 10k race. If you are looking for a pair of spiked shoes that can help you run really fast over middle and long distances, then these are the shoes for you. They are very lightweight but also provide more comfort and flexibility than a standard set of spikes.

Best Long Distance Track Shoes #5: Asics Men’s Cosmoracer LD Track Shoe

This last shoe is different to the others, it still contains spikes but whereas the other shoes are basically sprinter’s spikes that have been developed for longer distances, these are running shoes that have been developed to include spikes. This means that they will be as comfortable as regular running flats, but they offer four well placed spikes at the front of the shoe and a nice flat heel.

The cushion is much bigger than any of the other shoes that we have reviewed, almost as big as some of the cushions in regular running shoes. The spike plate is very flexible, which will really help keep your running gait as perfect as possible. The outer is made of a breathable mesh, like the other shoes, but it is less noticeable. The mesh is so finely knitted together that you’d think it was just a regular shoe at first.

These shoes are definitely best used by 10km runners, and people who prioritise a comfortable run over a fast one. That doesn’t mean that you can’t run fast in them, it just means that you’re more likely to enjoy the race while wearing them.

Final Thoughts

We have reviewed five very different versions of long distance track shoes, the Puma Evospeed is a nice all rounder that can be used for any track and field event. The Adidas Distancestar is an out and out long distance running shoe that would suit 10km races really well, while Nike’s Zoom Rival are great middle distance shoes that you could definitely run further in.

The Saucony Men’s Endorphin shoes are really nice looking track shoes that will favour fast runners, while the Asics Cosmoracer is the perfect running shoe for 10km runners who would rather run in comfort (and with the traction required) than sprint as fast as possible.

Serious runners who want the best 5km times possible should consider either the Nike Zoom or that Saucony Endorphin. 10km runners who want a fast time should look at the Distancestar, while 10km runners who prefer comfort should look at the Cosmoracer. The Puma Evospeed is perfect for anyone who wants to perform multiple distances at a fast pace.